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Jun 15, 2009 09:12 AM

Tasting menu reccomendations?

My wife and I want to splurge this summer and do one tasting menu at a restaurant in the city, or just outside (ala Stone Hill) – anyone have any thoughts as to the most special experience? We are looking for a place w/in roughly less than $100/person w/o wine or $150/person with wine. We have no restrictions on our diets and are adventerous eaters. If you had one place to go within that price range, where would it be? Thanks in advance.

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  1. Stone Hill = Blue Hill at Stone Barns?

    Most bang for the buck I think is the 10 course meal for $75 at Degustation (phone bookings only, and they have no web site) if you're OK with cocunter seating and close quarters in an open kitchen setting.

    Best value tasting menu

    Best Tasting Menu for under $150?

    best reasonably priced tasting menu?? (note that Le Miu has closed

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      Ok thanks for the search posting. We've done Degustation and had a great time but wanted something a bit more refined(?). Thanks for the links, will check them out.

    2. as far as "special experience" is concerned, i vote blue hill at stone barns. The food is incredible and the experience is truly unique.

      1. One of the hottest chefs right now is MIchael White of Convivio, Alto, and Marea. I've been to Convivio and the food is absolutely amazing. It's $59/person for a 4 course meal. Marea just opened and it's only gotten good reviews.

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          Re: Marea. Obviously, you've missed quite a few reviews because I've found the ones I've read to be mixed. Some have had an overall good experience, while others have complained about cost vs. portion sizes, i.e., expensive and too small. Also, there have been service issues.

          I'm a big fan of Michael White's cooking and have had excellent experiences at Convivio and Alto. Marea is on my "go to" list but I'm going to give it some time to get its "sea legs." (Pun intended.)

        2. I say Blue Hill at Stone Barns. Had the farmers feast in in March and May, both excellent.

          1. Blue Hill at Stone Barnes - all around amazing experience. You talked about wanting something refined, and I was extremely impressed with both the classy and not stuffy decor of the dining room, as well as the high quality of service. The uniqueness of the menu would allow you to try some dishes on the adventurous side as well.

            That said, it will be over the high end of your price range. I did the Sunday lunch and it was $300 total, with a few beers for me and cocktails and a glass of wine for her, so it would be a little more for dinner. Both the wine list and beer list were great.