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Best Turkish food in London?

My boyfriend and I are from NYC and will be traveling to London soon. Any recommendations for especially good Turkish restaurants? We are both graduate students, so suggestions for cheaper places are especially appreciated!

Thanks for your help.

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  1. i've only had good not great turkish in london. you're probably better off scarfing lebanese or iranian.

    having said that, bosphorus kebab house is an old standby favourite just by the south ken tube station and very handy for museum visits. and cheap.

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      I can recommend Kazan on Wilton road (near Victoria tube and rail station) it is quite modern Turkish food and very reasonably priced.

      Have a good trip.


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        Thanks for the suggestion.
        Maybe I should clarify a little. My native-New Yorker friends insist that the Turkish food in NYC is significantly better than what's in London. We have a sort of unofficial wager going about this...
        And I'd love to be able to prove them wrong!

      2. I love Meze Mangal in Lewisham. Lewisham is considered a dump by most Londoners, but the NY Times Travel section featured Deptford and New Cross as worth visiting in London, and both are in Lewisham.
        If you do decide to make the trek out here (approx 10 minutes by overground train from London Bridge), then Meze Mangal does outstanding Turkish food.
        Meze Mangal
        245 Lewisham Way, Lewisham, SE4 1XF
        Tel: 020 8694 8099
        Travel: St John's rail/Lewisham rail/DLR
        Times: Meals served noon-1am Mon-Thur; noon-2am Fri, Sat; noon-midnight Sun
        Price: Main courses £5-£12.
        Credit cards: MC, V

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          great tip medgirl, thanks. what do they do especially well?

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            Lahmacun, fried calamari, grilled lamb cubes, grilled chicken wings, grilled swordfish, kleftiko (slow-cooked lamb). They make all the grilled items on a huge charcoal grill in the centre of the restaurant. They also have a huge brick oven in the room where they make the bread, pide and lahmacun. Service is very friendly.

        2. Mangal on Arcola street in Dalston does great Turkish food in my opinion. Get a mixed grill and you cant go far wrong. Some great spots too on Green Lanes by all accounts, although i've yet to go...

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            If you're going turkish, it's got to be grilled meat in Dalston or Green Lanes.

            2nd vote for Mangal Ockabaci in Arcola St.
            Best salad accompaniment to the meat. And aubergine salad. And BYO to boot.

            Don't forget takeaway baclava afterwards from the place nearby on the high st. This will clinch the bet.

            Umut 2000 across the road worth a look in for the ribs. But a bit functional.
            Some local turkish taxi drivers reckon the Mare St places are better but I suspect family involvement.

            Antepliler in green lanes also good.

          2. You probably want something with better food, but the chain TAS has fairly decent Turkish food and the prices are low. I just thought I'd throw another name into the mix and you can look at their website.


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              It may be out of the way depending on where you are staying but Anatolia on Mare St (Hackney) or Tad just down the road are just brilliant - should definitely beat anything in New York! Try their mixed grill (if you have a big appetite!). The staff are really lovely and friendly as well.

            2. Several years ago I lived around the corner from Iznik in highbury and enjoyed it often. A Turkish Cypriot colleague of mine is also fond of it.

              I am also very fond of the gozleme at a place on Stoke Newington High Street. It is a bakery on the north east corner and they are often making them fresh. Lovely, light lunch with a cup of tea.

              1. Try Gallipoli's Cafe in Angel-it is a mixture of Turkish and Lebanese cuisine but don't be put off by that. The food is really nice. Again good but not something you will be telling your grandchildren about!


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                  My latest favourite Turkish is the huge, bustling, noisy Caravan restaurant. But its in North London. North of Green Lanes, north of Tottenham. Its so north that it is actually north of the North Circular Road in a place called Edmonton. In fact, if you drove a little further north, you would find yourself in Hertfordshire.

                  The cavernous dining hall contains scores of happy Turks sitting around tables groaning beneath the weight of platters of grilled lamb, in all of its many guises. No part of the animal is wasted!

                  The grill is so massive that it is presided over by not one, but two Oshkabisi Meisters.

                  It is cheap, excellent and well worth the journey.

                  A side benefit of visiting the Caravan is that there is a branch of The Turkish Food Centre just across the road. A sizeable supermaket where everything from the Levant may be purchased.

                2. Definitely Mangal 1 on Arcola Street - no competition! Don't expect anything fancy though.

                  1. definitely Mangal 1 in arcola st - great meals for £8-9 and BYO beer/wine. Its not fancy but good value and great food.
                    Something a bit more upmarket - Kazan City:
                    Book through top table and get 50% off food.