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Jun 15, 2009 08:32 AM

US Open

I'm looking for a good place to dine after watching golf at Bethpage. Entertaining customers so it should be nice. Aslo don't know the area.

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  1. I cannot imagine any client not enjoying Peter Luger in Great Neck. Last time I played Bethpage, we dined there and passed a number of higher end steakhouses along the way before getting there. Maybe the locals can mention their favorite steakhouses for entertaining, as I cannot recall the names of any.

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    1. re: fourunder

      Beware, Peter Luger does NOT accept credit cards. This can be mighty uncomfortable when entertaining clients. Consider Bryant and Cooper. A wonderful steakhouse in Roslyn

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        Maybe you were thinking of Morton's on Northern Boulevard, in Great Neck? It's just east of Middle Neck Road. There are one or two restaurants right near it. But neither Morton's or Peter Luger's is local to the golf course.

      2. While Peter Lugars is great, not exactly local to Bethpage. Sagamore Steakhouse is right off the last northern exit of 135 and should be a 10 min drive from the park. There are other suggestions for places nearby if you need them. I guess it depends on if you want something local.

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          Without knowing the transportation or parking arrangements used by the OP.....any suggestion is a crap shoot with local references. Having to park at Jones Beach State Park is a pain to some degree and probably tacks on a considerable amount of time to any suggestion.

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            I will be staying at the Hilton/Long Island in Melville, so something convenient to there.

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              Try Blackstone in Melville. ( It is 5 minutes from your hotel. Blackstone is an upscale steak house. The phone number is 631-271-7780. If you go south on 110 there is Cirella's a decent italian restaurant..
              Also maybe 5to 10 minutes from the hotel.

        2. Second the suggestions of Sagamore(Syosset) and Blackstone(Melville).Other steakhouses that are nearby are Rothmanns(East Norwich),Prime and Mac's both in Huntington.All would be within a 15 minute drive of your hotel,although Blackstone would be the closest.