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Bamburger BIG disappointment

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I read some posts and heard some word of mouth that this place wasn't to bad. I love burgers and does the GF. So on Thursday her and I meet there for lunch.

The restaurant is new as many may know already. It looks fresh and clean as it should. The service was... well diner service. Our waitress was friendly but, had little knowledge of the establishments food and had been smoking just prior to serving us. We ordered drinks (milk shakes) and read the menu as we waited for them to arrive. Both of us got bored of reading the menu rather quickly, 30+ items apps, mains, sides, and desserts. The use of the words "fresh", "natural", and "homemade" are in most of the item descriptions. Hmmm poor menu writing and design is a bad sign. The best part of the menu is the $1.25 to $1.75 for toppings, you want cheese and pickles that will be $3 extra. We rolled our eyes and laughed how bad could it be.

Our waitress arrived with the two shakes and took our order (The Bamburger and the Pork Burger) both with fries. The milk shakes were chocolate milk with no ice cream. I flagged the server over and asked her if the order was mixed up. The response of "that's our milk shake" didn't make me happy. If the GF was not with me I would have poured the chocolate milk on the dinning room carpet. I sucked it up cause I didn't want to ruin one of our few times we get to spend time together. The burgers arrived very quickly....fast food. We cut our burgers in half and traded halfs. Both burgers were overcooked and tasteless (may have been pre-fab it was hard to tell), the buns bought in not fresh as the menu states, little toppings (lame), and pre-fab fries the kind that are shaped to look like breaded fries. It was eatable but not fresh in anyway. Over all disappointment. In the end it was $25 for bought in diner food.

The food is eatable if you have low standards and the palate of a goat.

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  1. After reading a favourable review of Bamburger in the Village Post I thought I would give this place a try. Arrived at 6pm on a Sunday night and there where three tables filled with families. The menu mentioned the Turkey Burger which was described as "Lean and tender turkey meat" I ordered this and my wife ordered the spinach salad with light dressing. Burger arrived with a small portion of fries looked good. My wife's salad was covered with dressing...I guess light means different things to different people. It also was missing apples as described in the menu. Overall she was disappointed by the salad. Once I bit into the burger I could tell it was not freshly made there...conjured up images of the frozen burgers from the grocery store. Not a great meal for $25 wont be returning anytime soon. I will say the decor was great.

    1. I wish I would have read this review before going there tonight. Our first clue should have been that the restaurant was completely empty at 10pm while Quince next door was packed. I concur with EvilsPresley that the burgers are most definitely not only prefab and frozen but also precooked and probably just reheated upon order. I got the turkey burger and my husband got the bamburger with maple bacon and cranberry chuntey. Upon reflection, I should have clued into that because they did not ask my husband how He liked his burger cooked, something all gourmet burger joints do. our burgers arrived looking almost identical; the chutney was not even on his burger, it was served as a condiment on the side(?) and the maple bacon was precooked and tasteless. The burgers themselves were thin and lacking in taste and texture. There is also no doubt that the onion rings were the frozen variety. All in all an expensive and completely unsatisfying meal. I do agree with tittle that the decor is nice; it was clean and fresh. But it does not suit the menu at all. IMHO, the food should always exceed your expectations based on the decor, like all great burger joints &greasy spoons. Not the other way around, like it the case of Bamburger. It just doesn't feel like a burger joint. I predict that it will not be a burger joint for very much longer; there will probably be paper on the window with weeks.

      1. It's bizarre this place is still open more than 6 months later if the food's as bad as everyone says.

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          I should have checked the boards before going. Definitely a place to be avoided, as their burgers are nothing to write home about. And, yes, anything decent (either on the burger or on the side) is extra. Not a good approach in this economy.

        2. I am obviously very late to the game with bamburger, but....i liked it. For one, the service was really good, which is just funny considering we're talking about a burger joint. But seriously, the waitress was so pleasant and welcoming. We expected nothing special, based on what I've heard - and I will agree it was pricey, but the food was good.

          One of my biggest complaints with a burger and fries is that more often than not, the burger is great and the fries suck....or the fries are great and the burger sucks. I was pleased with bamburger bc it was a good combo of a juicy (but not too juicy) beefy burger, with a puffy, chewy bun and fries that reminded me of a chip truck. and all the toppings? No complaints here.

          Overall, it was a good experience and a nice treat. I suspect this is largely in part to my low expectations and love of pretty much any burger or french fry I've ever encountered.

          1. I'm adding another vote in the 'for' column - I have been to Bam burger 4 or 5 times and frankly have never seen a patty that looks prefab or anywhere close to 'thin' and tasteless. Are toppings overpriced? Yes, like at many gourmet burger places, but you suck it up and put together a combo that you're going to like. I have no time for flavourless burgers, and I've been happy every time that I've gone to Bamburger. I must say, I have never had the turkey burger as when I go to a burger joint I'm thinking beef. But, for the beef burger I've always been pleased and also enjoy the onion rings and fires (both reg and sweet potato). I put together an Aussie burger (avacado, bacon and grilled pineapple) which took me back to my times backpacking in Australia - I still love the combo of sweet and satly. I'll be back to Bam for sure.

            2112 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4S, CA

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              I have to agree with the negative nellies. I did not enjoy this place. I've only been once, but once was enough. It definitely was not worth the money that they are charging for their burgers.

            2. I feel this place is on it's last legs (for real this time). Stopped in for a late lunch and the place was empty except for a sad looking lady in the back doing paperwork at one of empty booths. It turned out be our waitress (who also cooked the food). We immediately had to move tables after a waft of sewage smell came through one of the vents. The interior was fairly new looking but hadn't been properly cleaned in some time ( dusty wood panels, dirty carpet). The draft beer was metallic tasting. The burger was mediocre at best.

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                I went to Bamburger for dinner with a group of 9 people over the long weekend. I think this place was chosen because people wanted burgers but at a sit-down place. We generally save burger shack for late-night visits and a couple of my friends had been here and had generally positive things to say. We called to make a reservation on Sunday afternoon for a Sunday night dinner, and the fact that we could get a table for 9 should probably have been a telling sign, but at that point the decision had been made.

                The place wasn't empty, but it definitely wasn't full. There was one waitress for the whole place,and another girl who seemed to be hanging out in the back area. Between us, regular burgers, turkey burgers and veggie burgers were ordered. Overall, I don't think anyone was horrified but I don't think anyone will run back. I had the Turkey burger, and it was relatively flavourful for what it was - which seemed to be store bought and precooked. I had cheese, onion rings, pickles and ketchup on it, so anything that I tasted may likely have been attributed to the toppings. I pulled an onion ring out of the burger to give it a try on its own and decided it was better suited to staying inside the bun. I had my fries changed to a caesar salad, which was very watery and sad. There were a couple of super oily croutons scattered about.

                John Dory - we definitely smelled the same sewage. Unfortunately, there was nowhere for our large group to move to so we stuck it out. It did eventually seem to fade.

                The solo waitress fell out of her groove when we tried to pay. I totally understand that 9 people paying on separate bills is annoying, but you shouldn't just walk away and leave the party to deal with the credit/debit machines on their own.

                In the end, it was meh. Not the worst meal ever, but I have no reason to return. Hope others have a better experience.