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Jun 15, 2009 08:07 AM

South Shore Butcher

OK, now that I had the ultimate steak purchased from the Butcher Boy in North Andover, where can I buy a great steak on the South Shore?

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  1. Butchers are few and far between on the SS. You can try Preveties on Rt. 53 in Weymouth. There is also a butcher in Plymouth Center, Piantedosi's.

    Was at Costco in Stoughton the other day and they had PRIME grade NY strips for $10.99 an LB. Package of 4 PRIME NYs, each an inch and a half thick for $38 is a steal.

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      The only thing I can add to the above post is Whole Foods, although you'll probably pay 2x the price if Costco.I've been very happy with Previties in both locations. There is also a meat market in the Hingham Fruit Center, but I've never purchased meat there.

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        The meat counter at Hingham Fruit Center is reliable, and very helpful and dependable with special orders, but the quality is not out of the ordinary IMO although it is certainly fine.

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        Second Piantedosi's in Plymouth. It was my go to place for great steaks, ribs and the bacon burgers are also pretty awesome.

        Preveti's as also a good bet, although further north. I was just at the retail store where they also do all the hot foods and the cases of steaks were pretty impressive. They also have a USDA office on site.

      3. There is a Kinnealeys at the East Milton Fruit Center. It's expensive but quite good, and they can usually special order hard to find items.

        Fruit Center Marketplace, Milton
        10 Bassett St, Milton, MA 02186

        1. There is BRADFORD'S MEATSHOP & MORE 808 Washington Street Route 53. Pembroke, MA - it is across from Star Land. Nice little shop it has been open for a year now or so.

          1. Has anyone been to Roxie's in Quincy? I've lived here for ages and have driven past it countless times but never felt compelled to go inside to check it out (for no particular reason, other than it's kind of in the middle of the southern artery and I'm not usually grocery shopping out there).

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              I don't buy meat there as the cuts are rather poor, very thin for some reason. Things I do buy there are pork (ribs,shoulders), chicken (boneless,wings), haddock, and veggies. Roxie's prices are very competitive and the atmosphere reflects this, there are no frills there.


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                I do notice on their own signs that for certain items their prices seem great - maybe that's why I haven't ventured in, not sure what quality I'm going to get.

                Thanks for the info!

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                I know that there are people who love Roxies, but I grew up in Quincy and remember my mother dragging me there as a kid and how awful it smelled. I've never had a desire to go there and make a purchase. Prevites was a long time favorite when they were in Quincy, but I haven't been to the new Weymouth location.

              3. Tedeschi's Meat Shop, Assinippi Corner, Rt.53 Norwell/Hanover Line.