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Jun 15, 2009 07:40 AM

Back to Positano

We're returning for a week to Positano and would love to try some restaurants we don't know along the Amalfi Coast (we have a car). We've been to Villa Maria in Ravello, but never tried Cumpa Cosimo - is it worth giving up the view? We're also considering Don Alfonso in Sant' Agata and Il Ritrovo in Montepertuso. Are they both worth a trip? Last year, we ate at a restaurant with a view across the street from Dona Rosa, but we've never been to Dona Rosa. Should we go? We love Max and Buca di Baca in Positano, and Da Gemma in Amalfi, but we're open to other suggestions in and around Positano. Also, since we're prone to drifting, I haven't made any reservations ahead of time. Will these places be hard to get into the last week of June if we don't reserve right now? Thanks for all help.

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  1. I am very envious or your return to Amalfi! Last year I dined in most of the same places as you and if I recall correctly, we didn't often make reservations; that was in July. I really don't know for certain how busy the restos will be in June, but their crazy busy season is all of August when all the Italians are vacationing on the Amalfi coast. I suspect June should be OK for drifters....

    1. The memorable dish for us, even after 18 years, is the dish translated into English as "large shrimp and small tomatoes" at La Cambusa in Positano. This is a pasta glistening with olive oil and ripe cherry tomatoes with langoustine. It has been consistent ever since.

      Another standout is the fish soup at Chez Black, also on the beach in Positano. While not actually a soup, it is a a large serving of mixed fish/shellfish in a tomatoey broth.

      We are envious, as Positano is one of our favorite places in Italy.

      1. Have not been to Villa Maria but just came back from Positano two weeks ago and did go to Cumpa Cosimo- it was one of our favorite places. Also, did Il Ritrovo and it too was one of our favorites. I agree with grantham regarding La Cambusa. Those were my top 3 in Positano area. As noted on another thread, we found Buca di Baca to be our least favorite dinner on this trip. We were there in May, and I believe that is the "start" of the busy season but we heard over and over that business/bookings were way down because of the economy and that Americans weren't travelling. We never had to wait for a table anywhere although I did reserve in advance except at Cumpa Cosimo. I think we were there Saturday-Wednesday.

        1. Thanks for the feedback. We like Buca for sentimental reasons but you've convinced me to do La Cambusa this year and I'll definitely get the shrimp/tomato dish. We eat at Chez Black, but I've never had their fish soup so I'll try it. Now I'm excited about trying Cumpa Cosimo and Il Ritrovo too. This is our sixth year back and it's fun to still be discovering new places.

          1. Try to go somewhere beyond the beach in Positano! The city has so much more to offer! Try Saraceno D'Oro, Da Vincenzo, Il Grottino Azzurro! Also Next Two, Mediterraneo, there are so many great places and much more beautiful views to be had!
            The restaurant across the street from Donna Rosa *is* Il Ritrovo, very delish, Dona Rosa is more formal, pricier, but the food is also excellent.
            Cumpa Cosima is wonderful, but have the view AND the food at Da Salvatore in Ravello!
            June will be busy, but just drop into any of those places earlier in the day and see if they can sneak you in!

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              Love Saracena D'Oro!!!! Twice to Positano in recent years and we just had to have dinner there both times.

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                I go to Positano every year, and love it. Heading there in September for my annual pilgrimage of everything great. I would skip Da Vincenzo. Don Alfonso has lost one of it's Michelin stars but I would recommend it. Pick up some of their olive oil in their shop next to the restaurant. There are many great restaurants in St. Agata. Enjoy your trip.