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Jun 15, 2009 07:17 AM

Whole Foods Plymouth Meeting

Any word on an opening?

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  1. I've heard they pulled out on the deal.

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    1. re: xtian

      Where did you hear that? It's still listed as a site in development on the WF website.

      1. re: xtian

        Here's the official response I got from the mall's owner:

        "Thank you for your recent inquiry about Whole Foods Market and Cafe that will be opening at Plymouth Meeting Mall. I am happy to say what you've heard is only a rumor. And we share your enthusiasm and are anxiously awaiting as well for the opening. While I do not have an exact opening date, I am delighted to say that Whole Foods Market has given a tentative date for November 2009. This is only a tentative date and may be subject to change."

        1. re: Den

          Thanks for the research. that seems like a long way off.

          1. re: christie21

            Keep the faith. You can still shoot right up 309 to the one in Montgomeryville and have a Trader Joes right across the street.

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          1. re: foodzings

            4 hours ago! has any one been? I have to go to the mall tonight, but I think I'll stay away from WF, I hate opening day crowds.

            1. re: jujuthomas

              I went with my husband and aunt at around 5:15pm. It was crowded but not all that bad (I expected worse). They had a few free samples but not all that many. The mega salad bar and hot bar looked amazing. We mainly just looked around and got a feel for the place. It is very expensive and I really can't see going there to do regular shopping but I plan to go there when I need a small amount of a high quality ingredient (like cheese). I think I will stick to Trader Joe's.

              1. re: spicemistress

                I'm with you on the cheese selections, but I still don't get the attraction with Trader Joe's.

                1. re: bucksguy14

                  I have to agree with bucksguy on Trader Joe's. Their produce is terrible. While they have a couple of products I like such as the shrimp gyoza and the sea salt caramels at Christmas time, I prefer WF.

                2. re: spicemistress

                  They are supposed to be having a "hot chocolate social" on the roof today as part of the opening.

                  1. re: cwdonald

                    I will be going over next week to stock up on their gorgeous produce! :)

                    1. re: jujuthomas

                      We stopped by this afternoon. The produce was delightful. The store is fabulous. I am curious about the pub though. It is self serve, then you pay the cashier.

                      1. re: crazyspice

                        I've been shopping at Trader Joe's for over 20 years. The quality of the produce has decreased considerably and they have discontinued many of my favorite items. I have decided to do all of my shopping at Whole Foods. The Plymouth Meeting store appeared to be better than any of the other WFs locations I've ever shopped at- althought I was only there once -for the grand opening- I have high hopes.

                        1. re: Displaced California Foodie

                          I don't get my produce from TJ's...but I do get my everyday coffee, cereals, frozen veggies, canned goods, cheeses, snacks, etc. there... the quality and price are great. My only real beef is that they discontinue so many of my favourite items. They just discontinued their tomato chutney which was great... but bottom line...I can't afford WF...

                          1. re: spicemistress

                            Yeah TJ's is good for pantry staples like stock, canned tomatoes, olive oil, etc. If you like frozen prepared food, there is nowhere better. The produce, even the bagged stuff, is horrible.

                            The produce at Whole Foods is actually reasonably priced if you pay attention to what is in season or on sale. If you watch the signs, the prices are only marginally higher than Acme, if at all, for many items and the quality is much better. Their bulk section is fairly priced, too, and in general has good turnover. Their bakery prices are decent and quality is above average in a pinch.

                            1. re: barryg

                              The one decent produce item at TJ's, and the one consistently on my shopping list, is the mini-pearl tomatoes. They are as good or better than most of the available grape tomatoes in the area, and much cheaper.

                              I live much closer to the Jenkintown WF, but this new one sounds nice. I might have to check it out.

                              1. re: Hungryin theBurbs

                                That's true of the grape tomatoes @ the Marlton TJ's too.

                              2. re: barryg

                                I think of my local WF (montgomeryville) mostly as a bakery. I stalk through the celery and other produce, seeing if anything catches my fancy, then head directly to the bakery and then the exit. I'd put on blinders so as not to get mesmerized by any other items, but my WF has narrow aisles and I'd be sure to collide with somebody/something.

                                1. re: spicemistress

                                  I heard that WF is trying to price match to TJs. Have you noticed any of this?

                                  1. re: thebeavises

                                    They definitely did this a couple years ago on staple items. I remember when Trader Joe's used to sell Nature's Path cereals at like the half the price of WF. Now, WF is competitive on these products. You can also get 365 brand natural peanut butter and things like that for a very fair price, Their 365 brand coffee beans are also a great deal at $6/lb or so.

                  2. I went in today and was generally pleased with the store. The aisles are much wider than North Wales but their produce was not as good. In particular the fresh mushroom, particularly the chanterelles and hedgehogs were in surprisingly bad condition. There is a nice large butcher counter and I was generally pleased with what I saw and bought. However, I will probably just keep going to Carl Venezia when I go in that direction. They had some nice fresh bison/buffalo but still don't have ostrich. Also they didn't have pancetta at the deli so I had to buy some junky sliced stuff.

                    As usual the customer service was outstanding. Though the store is newly opened, it seems that the entire staff is completely up to speed on the chain's high standards.

                    There were a fair amount of sample stands and way too many Lookie Lou's browsing around the store to make shopping pleasant. Also it is nearly impossible to park and there are no cart returns or staff in the parking lot. Still it is good to have another whole foods nearby. Also the flower selection was terrific and they've got a huge display of potted orchids at a very low price.

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                    1. re: Kater

                      They don't have ostrich because of the high standards Whole Foods has for the ethical culling of livestock and an ostrich is an especially hard animal to pacify before stunning and then ultimately killing in a humane way. Whole Foods also doesn't carry live lobsters for similar reasons, not the least includes transport from the sea to individual stores.

                      1. re: kissdadish

                        They have special ordered it for me at North Wales many times but only bring in frozen pre packaged ostrich fan filets. I do not know how it is killed. Also I bought several pounds of veal there today.

                      2. re: Kater

                        Finally found time for a visit! I headed straight for the pub for a beer. The nice attendant let me try two beers first. I was feeling pretty frazzled so I sat down with my beer while my friend checked out the store. It was fun and interesting to me to sit behind the glass window of the pub facing the registers and watching all the customers with their bags of groceries heading out into the traffic while I slowly enjoyed my beer. My friend and I then proceeded to the hot prepared foods area where he got a tasty clam chowder and I had mashed potatoes, collard greens, kale and an assortment of chicken wings. We liked the dry rubbed wings the best. The people watching was fun, the only thing I didn't like was the godawful scrapping of the chairs on the hard floors. Next time I will take my food upstairs where it might be quieter. We grabbed a few items, I didn't want to stay too long and faint at the cash register. But we couldn't resist getting sorbets on the way out. My friend and I made the boring choices of chocolate and vanilla and they were both very tasty. I can't wait to go back and try some wine at the pub and more sorbet flavors. The aisles are wider than North Wales but we did almost have one collision. I don't know what it is about WF but they need bumper carts!

                      3. I went today to the new store. boy, is it gorgeous! Still full of "lookey-lous" thanks for that term, Kater! LOL. I parked in the parking garage under the store, which was very nice, easy to find a spot and easy to get in and out of the store. I was there to get some veggies, which I found very nice. Just looking for the basics, zukes, yellow squash, green beans.
                        A slight snafu at the checkout, the young man kept charging me for organic veg. Which I did not pick up. I pointed that out to him and he took them all off, except for one that he charged me again for. I noticed that when I reviewed my receipt on the way out. He also did not charge me for the buffalo meat. I went to customer service and the girl there rerang the transaction. She was very nice. But I am going to be sure to watch carefully when they ring me up, to make sure they do not charge for organics when that is not what I'm buying! I hope that it will not be a trend.