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Wine tours near Lyon?

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Hi all -- I'm not sure this is the right board, but here goes. My husband and I are living in Paris for several months, and my mother's coming to visit. We're all heading to Lyon for two days. We thought it would be nice to take her on a tour of a winery (or tastings at a few wineries in a longer tour) so as to give her an "only in France" experience (we live on the East Coast so we have yet to go to Napa) with some nice scenery and nice wine. We aren't wine snobs, and we'd be happy just learning a bit about wine making and doing some tasting and seeing some nice scenery. Nothing too intense.

So...I'll ask about organized tours. Are there any good ones (ie, get in a bus with a tour guide and go out to a winery or two, learn a little bit about wine, taste some, and come home) that leave from Lyon?

If not, are there any wineries in the area that offer nice tours or tastings? We can rent a car and motor around to them if the organized tours aren't any good.

English is preferred but not necessary (we could translate for her if need be, and if we went the car-rental route we'd probably just translate). Price...well, something below 100 Euros a person would be nice, though I think organized tours cost a bit less than that.

Thank you!

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  1. I think that Georges Duboeuf's Hameau du Vin would suit you.

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      I was thinking the same thing, but didn't write it. It's very informative and entertaining.

    2. If you get up into the Beaujolais, I would HIGHLY recommend a meal at Le Cep in Fleurie. This is regional cooking based on local ingredients, executed with finesse by the delightful chef/owner.


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