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Jun 15, 2009 06:56 AM

Copper Canyon, Highlands

Went for dinner at Copper Canyon in the Highlands this weekend. Took my laywer's suggestion and gave it a try. Now I know why people distrust lawyers!!!
His "ravings" about how over the top the food, service and decor, etc really need to be revisited. On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being superior), I would rate CC about a 4 or 5.
First off, I would not call CC "upscale Mexican", as I was told. Its more noveau Southwestern infusion (infusion being way expensive NYC prices!). Expensive and "sheshe" or lets say "trendy"; okay portions; modern decor. The table tops are covered in copper, and wall scounses seem to be made from copper. Maybe the name comes from them. Stone walls and table tops amplify all sound to considerable level, certainly not a comfortable dining "din", if you will.
I am not hard to please, but found only two items on the menu that peaked any interest. Wife had mahi mahi (29$) which was good (not great, but good), and I had chicken and broccoli quesadilla ($19) (good again, not great). One drink (not apiece, just one drink), one dessert (again not each, just one), and two entrees came in at over 100 dolllars.
If you're looking for value, meal size, big menu, and food that is so good you laugh because you can't believe how wonderful it tastes, pass on CC.
If you are looking for upscale, sheshe, noveau - type fare, and don't mind the expense, (or noice) CC fits the bill.
Overall rating IMHO: 4.5 to 5. To find CC, look for the horseshoes on the awnings. No marquee anywhere with the name of restaurant anywhere.
As a Sea Bright summer resident, there are many other places in a twenty mile radius I would consider much better overall. Do your homework out check around.

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  1. The 2 entrees add up to $48. Tell me about the 1 drink & 1 dessert that made the total over $100.

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    1. re: wizard2

      Yep. That must have been some drink.

      They charge $3 for chips and dip. That stuff can add up.

    2. Just to clarify for others Copper Canyon is in Atlantic Highlands not Highlands. They are 2 different towns.

      1. Me and my husband have been going to Copper Canyon for years. We just revisited the other night and had a wonderful time. Our server Antony was knowledgable and friendly. My only complaints, the same I have had for a while now, are the mean blonde woman who works the front door and the noise level. Though the noise can be forgiven, it is a pure shame that someone can make you feel so unwelcome. She greets you as if you are intruding! I am not sure why anyone would want that representing their company. If it were not for the great service and AMAZING food, we would not come back. P.S. do not go without trying a margarita!