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Jun 15, 2009 06:53 AM

Chinese food in Sunnyside...

Does anyone know of a good Chinese restauraunt in Sunnyside? I'm not taking about a Chino-Latino.....which, depending where you go, can be decent. However, after having tried the gummy chicken that is supposed to pass for chicken with broccoli at Mr. Wonton and another random place on 46th street off of Queens Blvd, I'm losing hope. Any suggestions?

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  1. Rainbow on 52nd and 43rd Ave is great. 718-565-0888

    1. We order in from Ten Full. It is nothing earth shattering, but it is passable chinese take out. I like their egg rolls and spare ribs a lot.

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        I've read a few things about Ten Full...don't know anything about Rainbow...will try both..thanks a bunch!!

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          got takeout from Ten Full, average tasting, --dumpling sauce was vile,---and ended up feeling ill. Never good when you don't really get anything that could be chancey and you end up feeling terrible. Never went back.
          Maybe stick with I am Thai for takeout instead, not great but good for neighborhood quick meal and they have fair prices. Sometimes quality and portions can vary, but speak up, and they will make it right.

        2. although it tastes kinda weird, Thai Malay's chinese options are better then a lot of the chinese takeout places in the area. It's like, the flavors aren't quite right, but at least the chicken looks and tastes like chicken. Another option, and I don't know how far they deliver, is Chu Ying over in Woodside, which is very expensive, but easily the best chinese food in the area. Their "Prince's Chicken", which is Kung Pao, is fantastic. They have a daily lunch special that costs 9 dollars but is worth it.

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            For decent Chinese, I am willing to travel! Although I moved to sunnyside a few months ago, I lived in Greenpoint all my life and had one great standard place called Shanghai Lee. I dig sunnyside for all the food options but say the chinese so far is sub par is being nice about it. So, I will check out all of these places, but make it a point to check out Chu Ying :)

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              well if you really want to travel, hop on the 7 train out to LIttle Pepper! If only they delivered this far...