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Jun 15, 2009 06:47 AM

Best Chinese restaurant in Fort Lauderdale?

Looking for fabulous old school Chinese in Ft. Lauderdale area (if it's an oxymoron, then just give me the best that's available, ha!) , not fusion, gourmet, frou frou...any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. Hong Kong City on 441, just north of Commercial Blvd. They also have Dim Sum. It's not fabulous, but it's the most authentic we've found in Ftl.

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      1. Although not an expert on Chinese food, I've lived in Fort Lauderdale for over 40 years now and have traveled Broward County (with more than a few forays into Dade County) from one end to the other eating at Chinse restaurants.

        I've come to the conclusion there is ONE huge commisary/kitchen located UNDERNEATH Holiday Park that cooks and distributes food to 95% of the Chinese restaurants in the area. They begin cooking at nine o'clock at night and continue until about two in the morning. Then, while we sleep, the food is distributed throughout the county via refrigerated mini vans.

        This being said, my two favorites are the above mentioned Hong Kong City and Silver Pond; both located on 441 in Lauderdale Lakes. I prefer Silver Pond because of their many, many different and interesting menu choices. I've been going here for quite a while now and never fail to come away completely satisfied.

        They have 6 or 8 tables that seat 10 people and always seem to be filled with Chinese familys dining home style, another testament to the popularity of this restaurant.

        Only one problem - they are often quite busy and unless you go at off times there is usually a wait with the waiting area and waiting system somewhat chaotic.

        1. I would check out Dragon City just West of the Hard Rock in Hollywood

          Dragon City
          6708 Stirling Rd, Hollywood, FL 33024

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          1. re: The Chowfather

            how does the restaurant i've been seeing a lot of on Chowhound, Peppers, compare to the aforementioned?

            1. re: HabaneroJane

              Can't comment on Peppers but their Hot Pot sounds interesting. It should be noted that the interior of D City is very basic if that matters to you.

            1. re: SaminSFL

              Very disappointed with the bbq at HKC the last time I was there. My vote? Silver Pond hands down.

              Silver Pond Restaurant
              4285 N State Road 7, Lauderdale Lakes, FL 33319

              1. re: SaminSFL

                Not sure what all of the fuss is about this place, maybe its too authentic for my pallet, certainly was outnumbered by Asians when I went there. I thought that the prices were overpriced so I opted for something cheaper, maybe that was the problem, I ordered the egg drop soup and the chickn and duck. Not sure about anybody else, but Ive only been here for about a year and Ive never, anywhere had egg drop soup of this consistency, it was very gelatanous, as my son commented, kind of like a runny nose!!! lol The duck and chicken were totally bland, and was accompanied by a couple of dipping sauces that were in my oppinion, way too savory to compliment the poultry. To each their own I guess, but this place just doesnt do it for my "American" pallet

                Hong Kong City BBQ
                5301 N State Road 7, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33319

                1. re: utgunn1

                  That sounds like what Hong Kong-style Chinese food is meant to be like...

                  1. re: utgunn1

                    I have to agree. I have been to Silver Pond several times and never thought the food was good- but kept giving it another try since so many seem to love it. The last experience we had there about 2 weeks ago- waited over an hour for a table. Once seated, no server approached the table for about 20 mins. When someone finally did, they were very rude. About 20 mins after ordering we were told that 3 of the dishes we ordered were sold out.
                    3 strikes for Silver Pond in my book.

                    Silver Pond Restaurant
                    4285 N State Road 7, Lauderdale Lakes, FL 33319