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Jun 15, 2009 05:27 AM

Old Orchard Beach

Well the Phantom has done it again; he’s coerced me into going to a place I never thought I would go to…Old Orchard Beach. I never been here in my life and I was looking for lunch/snacking suggestions.

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  1. Off a side street from the main drag, there is a very good Greek restaurant. Not very specific but how many Greek restaurants can there be on OOB?

    We also enjoyed a short drive to Two Points/Cape Elizabeth where there is only a fish shack and awesome views.

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    1. re: three of us

      There's an actual Greek place? REALLY?!?! Holy cow. Maybe we need to head out that way this summer for a weekend... Can you be a little more specific about this Greek place?

      1. re: three of us

        The "greek" restaurant you mention is Jimmy the Greek, and looking at the menu its not very greek at all. Typical house of pizza/ diner slop. You can do much better for authentic greek food. Old Orchard has nothing for a restaurant scene.... if you're going to drive up to Cape Elizabeth you might as well go to Portland. You could also stop into Kennebunk for better food than you'll find in OOB. Pier fries and Lisa's Pizza. That's it. Don't listen to the Phantom.

        1. re: mjp81

          Excuse, please. We are not talking about the same place. The one I'm talking about most served Greek food and was very good. No slop. Didn't look at the menu, just asked if they had moussaka and a lamb plate. Very nice.

          From the arcade, cross the street, go left to the first cross street. Make a right. It's on that street, IIRC. Or just ask one of the long-time shop owners for directions.

          Cape Elizabeth is a great stop to make. The usual lobster rolls, clam strips, chowder, etc., sit at picnic tables outside and enjoy the outdoors and view.

          OOB is what it is. Honky-tonk boardwalk stuff that has its own charm. Good chow can mean the best fried dough in existence.

          1. re: three of us

            We just got back from a week at OOB and ate twice at the Greek place "three of us" mentions. It's called "Chrys's" and it's on East Grand Avenue. it was a lovely departure from our other meals in OOB proper. The first night I had an appetizer plate for dinner (hummus, pita bread, olives, feta) that was delicious and the second night I had fried clams -- also great. Service the first night was quite good, less so the second but still pretty much fine.

            I also had a good lobster pie at Surf 6 and a not good and poorly serviced meal at Myst (shoulda known better!) on other nights.

            We made the trip to Huot's one night and it was really nice (service so so) but expect to wait during peak dining times.

            Went to Traditions in Saco one night and thought it was awful (and service to boot).

            Also, went to the lobster pound at Two Lights. I liked it but maybe more for the view than the lobster roll.


            1. re: owen_meany

              I am SO going to the Greek place next week. :)

      2. I believe this will get moved to the New ENgland board.

        1. YELLOWFIN'S!!!
          5 Temple Ave
          Old Orchard Bch, ME 04064
          (207) 934-1100

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            Steer clear of "The Lobster Claw" on route 5 for anything other than boiled lobster. We got the $15 fried maine shrimp and it was terrible frozen food-service stuff, a total rip-off.
            Head over to Huot's or Wormwood's at Camp Ellis if you're looking for seafood close to OOB. Downtown Saco has a couple of good breakfast joints. For casual seafood/ down to the Pine Point end of ooB, into the little village and right in the middle of a residential area, just before the lobster pound, SALTY BAY - best kept secret around. They have burgers and such for the kids, too.