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Airline Meals

Doctormhl1 Jun 15, 2009 05:20 AM

What is the least bad airline meal you've had?
What's the worst airline meal you've had?

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  1. Sam Fujisaka RE: Doctormhl1 Jun 15, 2009 08:36 AM

    This topic has been discussed quite a bit previously.

    Anyway, I've had lots and lots of really good food. The best are flights into Bangkok (trans-Pacific or from Manila, for example) on Thai, into Singapore on Singapore, to Seoul on Korean, to Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific, most Emirates, KLM to Schiphol, British to London over the Atlantic, Kenya Air that continues the Air France flight to Nairobi, and Turkish in Central Asia. Excellent in business. Good in economy. Copa and Continental are excellent to and from and around Latin America. Air India is usually good, especially the halal.

    Inconsistent are Air France, Philippine, Garuda.

    Bad are regional and internal flights: Varig, TAM, Avianca, others.

    Worst were the early days of Hang Kong Vietnam, AirLao, (old Tupelovs and Illushyns, older "food") and flights like Lima - Pucallpa or Leticia - Manuas..

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      foodiesnorth RE: Doctormhl1 Jun 15, 2009 09:36 PM

      I think I just saw this thread's father...my entry was for the BEST: First Air and Canadian North (both northern Canada airlines) that serve decent hot food, often with a northern theme). Even their flights to more remote locations like Iglulik come with a good meal...usually better than Air Canada Business class meals. Air Canada Business Class kicks every single major airline in the US (in Business Class). We fly in the US often and I have no idea how travellers there put up with the food, the service or the aircraft generally. The worst plane flying in Canada is better than the best plane in the US...for food etc BUT the WORST: Alitalia...some form of lard (not lardo, just lard) samdwich on white bread with the crusts neatly cut off. I have no idea what else may have been on the tray as the sandwich blinded us with it's glare.

      1. LeahBaila RE: Doctormhl1 Jun 17, 2009 05:07 AM

        Least bad airline meals (I've had 3 now): Air France
        Worst airline meal: Continental


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          zamorski RE: LeahBaila Jun 17, 2009 08:57 PM

          Both Russian airlines I have flown (Aeroflot and KrasAir) were not as bad as expected: If nothing else, there was a good variety of items and the quantity was substantial. They even served a very full meal on an overnight flight to Siberia. I can't recall exact what was served but I do recall it being much better than expected.

          The aircraft were....interesting (Tupolev 154 and IL-96). Built like battleships!

        2. Bill Hunt RE: Doctormhl1 Jun 17, 2009 09:52 PM

          Actually, in recent time, each was in BC on UAL from LAX to LHR. Going, we had two very nice meals. Coming back, my poor wife had totally inedible mahi-mahi. Charlie Trotter was the consulting chef for UAL, but I'm not sure if he had any part in this mahi. It was first a bad choice of fish, and horribly coked.

          Going back many years (or decades), Eastern Airlines had a wonderful baked chicken in FC. I flew from PHL to MSY (New Orleans) and we'd stop at BWI to pick up the food. I am not a fan of baked chicken, but this was excellent. The flight stopped at MSY and went on to MEX. On one flight, the chicken was available only in coach. We had some take on filet. I asked to exchange my filet for the chicken in coach.

          Now, I do love the UAL Port & cheese course, after dinner on the way to LHR, and also the scones and clotted cream on the way back to the US.


          1. steve h. RE: Doctormhl1 Jun 17, 2009 10:18 PM

            deb and i usually fly business class to europe and asia. most meals are ok at best regardless of airline. one thing does stand out, however: cafe on alitalia. we haven't flown the carrier since the restructure but i hope the coffee is the same.

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