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Jun 15, 2009 03:53 AM

Attention Oenophiles in Victoria

I'm coming out from Toronto for a visit, and I remember that there are some private stores in Victoria that carry BC wines you can't get anywhere else. I'd be grateful for the and addresses of those stores. Wine recs welcome too! THANKS! Will shlep wine back to Ontario and rave. I promise!

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  1. Lemon Tart:

    The "Wine Guys" if that is the correct name often carry VQA wines that you will definitely not find in ON and probably not in many BC government liquor stores as well.

    You'll have to google as I am in Edmonton so am not of much assistance with regard to specific locations and addresses. Cook Street Village and Oak Bay I think.

    When we visit in the Fall I go to the Spinnaker's Wine Store which is in a strip mall just a few blocks away from their inner harbour pub locale. Excellent selection including wines from Alderlea which are very difficult to otherwise find. I brought back some Poplar Grove Cab Franc that is next to impossible to find in Alberta and if you do, the prices are extraordinarily high.

    Enjoy your visit and you accumulate "too much wine" ... is there such a thing? ... keep a corkscrew on hand so the load can be lightened...that is what I end up doing when I head to Niagara.

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      Cook St. still has the wine store, but had a reno of the building it was housed in - store is still there, but around the back of the Subway & Pizza Prima Strada. The Oak Bay one moved to 2579 Cadboro Bay - across the street from Pure Vanilla Bakery, in a tiny strip mall with Slater's Meats & the old "Wren" restaurant (now a new "bistro"). Spinnakers also has a 2nd store, with attached wine-bar called Sips - James Bay Sq.