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Jun 15, 2009 02:11 AM

Good Pub Grub in Madrid?

I am a US expat living in Madrid and though I love the tapas and the Spanish cuisine, and, at the risk of being a bit gauche,sometimes need my fix of US bar favorites. I have been very disappointed with what I have found and am hoping someone can give some suggestions. My favorites are buffalo wings and nachos. I have tried the buffalo wings at Alfredos (disappointing) Hard Rock (great but place is very touristy) and nachos around but still have not found the best. Thoughts?

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  1. Try Home Burger Bar in Chueca and Tribunal <> for good, close-to-American-style burgers. The only other stuff I've found that could fit your bill are the chains: Tony Roma's for ribs (I think there are a few locations) and on the same front as Hard Rock, there's T.G.I.Fridays. For nachos, try some of the Mexican places like La Panza es Primero <> or La Mordida <>. Under no circumstances go to Foster's Hollywood.

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      Fast Good has pretty good burgers. I wasn't too impressed with Home. Polly Sue's is another diner-like place with two locations. For wings... I'd recommend learning to make them. You can get the wings really cheap and it will be a lot better than what you'll find anywhere else. There used to be wings place over by Plaza de España, but I think it may be no more (it was on the side street where Alphaville is--name escaping me at the moment). You can also get good corn tortilla chips at the little Mexican store around the corner from Taquería Alamillo on c/Segovia. They also sell them at most herbolarios.