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Jun 15, 2009 02:03 AM

London - 2 New (Hitherto Unreported) Japanese places

1. Sushi Cafe Maco, 50 Topsfield Parade, Crouch End.

Got this tip from Silverbrow blog. Tried it out @ lunchtime a few weeks back. Wasn't an outstanding lunch (I had a sashimi salad with a coriander dressing and a few pieces of nigiri) but had some potential and I would like to go back in the evening with friends and sample more of the menu especially some of the cooked items. Nice decor (simple modern, clean lines), nice people (chef is ex Atari Ya). Disappointing sake list which is all too common in London.

2. Maguro, 5 Lanark Place, Maida Vale.

Had a quick lunch here last week. Again not outstanding (I had nigiri 2 x sea urchin, 2 x scallop, 2 x aburi yellowtail, 2 x softshell crab) but at the same time not bad and there's an extensive menu to sample. Nice to see aburi (flame grilled) style on the menu. Fish quality was OK, rice and wasabi quality not the best. Korean sushi chef. I always make the mistake of ordering sea urchin when I see it on the menu even though in London it's invariably from Spain or Canada and not in the same league as the sweet, creamy Californian or Hokkaido varietals.

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  1. Thanks for the posts oonth! I am going to be living in Maida Vale for the next 6 months or so, and that is unchartered Chow territory for someone who spent 7 years in super central London (Bloomsbury and Liverpool St). It certainly saves me a trip to Maguro, which is a shame, as I wish it were a sushi place I couldn't resist.

    You are right on about uni in London - sometimes good, often just OK, even more likely that it is just plain unavailable. Plus if you have had uni don in Hokkaido, you are ruined for any other uni for life!

    If you are still looking for a good sushi joint in London, I like Tajima-Tei in Hatton Garden, just north of Chancery Lane tube stop.

    1. oooh. I live right by Crouch End and hadn't ever noticed that Sushi Cafe Maco. I might give it a go.

      The best sushi in the area is Fuji foods on Priory Road by Ally Pally. It's a small Japanese supermarket, but the Sushi counter is excellent. But for takeaway sushi, it still comes at a cost. Having said that, for the quality, you'd be very hard pressed to get better value.

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        We are big fans of the Fuji sushi counter. Takeaway only, however, so good for bringing home if you live nearby or for enjoying in the park. They also sell sashimi-quality fish by weight for you DIY-ers.