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Jun 14, 2009 10:57 PM

sf 'hound needs help. please.

I'll be in your town the morning of the 9th of july through the sunday.

i'd like your recommendations. i'm coming from san francisco and would like a sampling of different things your city/area has.

the morning of the 9th, i'll need a breakfast rec. in downtown seattle or on the way there from the airport. also a lunch or dinner rec too, for near or in the city. we might be around pike's place? (i'm having a friend pick me up so we'll have a car)

friday, we're hiking at the Snoqualmie Falls. is there anything to eat there abouts? i have no idea where this is by the way. breakfast/lunch/dinner rec would be welcome. maybe just snacking? maybe something we can do after hiking?

saturday i'll be at marymore park? there's a music festival. so if there's a spot i must try around that area that's convient.

sunday i don't leave til evening. 730, its pretty much an open day. so here's where your rec that i couldn't fit, the you MUST try this, i take EVERYONE that visits here come in.

i don't need anything super fancy. just give me your favorite places in your city, places you love to show off for visitors. different stuff. i'll eat just about anything.

thanks in advance.

i heard there's salumi somewhere.... batali's parents place? any good?

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  1. Salumi is the best! Here's the address: 309 Third Ave South, (between Main and Jackson). Don't believe its open on weekends.
    You have dozens of eateries that we love in Pikes Market, you can't go wrong. Pink Door, Kells, Cafe Campagne, Matts in the Market, Steelhead Diner - you don't need to leave the area for a great meal. Up at Snoqualmie, there is a wonderful hotel with great food if you don't feel like taking a picnic which would be a good choice if weather is good. The International District (China Town) has great Asian food. We enjoy dining in your fair city, we hope you enjoy ours. Enjoy!

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      so, is the it just the "snoqualmie hotel"?? i hope there's not more than one hotel.

      and which place should i go for breakfast around pike's market? and what would you recommend specifically.

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        It is the Salish Lodge. It is great for breakfast, and pretty good for lunch/dinner, but I think pricey for what you get. It is also a bit upscale, which you may not be in the mood for if you have hiking togs on.

        Salumi in not open on weekends, so would be a perfect lunch for thursday or picnic for your hike.

      2. re: ljohaines

        I would check first, but I believe Salumi is closed the week after the 4th of July for their annual vacation.

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          Hmm...I think great Asian food might be a bit of an overstatement: I'd give the Chinese food here a pass if you are used to SF or OAK. There is really good Vietnamese here (Green Leaf,Tamarind Tree) both in the ID and worth checking out.


        2. I would suggest weekend brunch at Spring Hill in W. Seattle, and maybe a beach boardwalk walk before or after. Amazing selections and a great price. My new favorite!

          And while you are there, walk 2-3 blocks south to Bakery Nouveau. If you do this on a Sunday, visit the W. Seattle Farmers Mkt (will not compare to SF and Marin mkts, but lovely nonetheless). All of these are grand, and just the scale you can do easily, including parking.

          1. There are lots of options for breakfast in the Pike Place Market, we had a thread on it fairly recently.


            I prefer to hit the bakeries and eat crumpets, piroshkies, or croissants for breakfast, but there are good full service options too.

            As far as Snoqualmie Falls, I like the little brewery that's in the town of Snoqualmie. I think their sandwiches are pretty good, and I like their beer. A good microbrew after a hike is my kind of refreshment.


            1. Sounds like a great trip and you've certainly got your priorities in order. I'll add on to other folks' recos. For breakfast, my personal favorite is Cafe Campagne in Pike's Market for the Croque Madame. When you're on the Eastside at Marymoor Park, Cafe Juanita is a treasure, but you need to make reservations. Also there is an odd continental place in a strip mall called Tosoni's that is often a tough reservation to get. I'd say one of the most popular restaurants in town is Wild Ginger. Sure it used to be better and their old space was more intimate, but we often take visitors there for the quintessential NW Asian fusion meal (although I always get the duck) There are also some new gastro-pubs opening in Capitol Hill where the folks are funkier. Quinn's is the standout here and I've heard good things about Tin Table.

              1. Come on Seattle people! It is PIKE PLACE MARKET, not Pike's and not Pike's Place. Try to sound like you are from Seattle so people will fill comfortable taking your advice. If you need to shorten it, try Pike Place or if you really must Pike Market.

                As for food, I second the Bakery Nouveau suggestion, get a pastry and a coffee and take it to Alki Beach to enjoy and maybe for a walk. After two hours on a plane this seems like it would be just the ticket for me.

                As for the 'must try this' reco I think going to a Tom Douglas place - especially Dahlia Lounge is pretty quintessentially Seattle. But then anyplace at the Market would do - Lowell's is a classic; but Steelhead, Campagne or Etta's, would be great as well.

                We'll often take out of towners on a quick 3-mile hike through Discovery Park - great vistas on Magnolia Bluff - and then to Chinook's at Fisherman's Terminal for lunch or dinner. Really good seafood in a loud family friendly place - but the drinks are strong and the views are good. You could even catch a glimpse of a 'Deadliest Catch' boat down there. On that side of town another really good breakfast spot is Bay Cafe for halibut and eggs or pan fried oysters and eggs. Yum.