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Jun 14, 2009 10:25 PM

Overcooked white beans, now what?

Hi all, I had soaked a pound of white beans and was going to make half of them into baked beans and half into tuscan beans and tomatoes. But simmered them too long and now most of the beans have broken open : (

Now not sure if either recipe will work. Do I have any other options besides white bean dip?

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  1. Couple of ideas.

    1. Huevos Rancheros. Sub out the black beans and use your white beans as a base instead.

    2. Faux mashed potatoes. Parboil some cauliflower and blend the cauliflower with the beans, then add some clarified butter, salt and pepper to taste. Blend some more until you reach a nice creamy consistency.

    1. Blended white bean soup? Maybe with a bit of bacon and rosemary? Add a hint of stock and cream....

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        And add some roasted garlic, and this is exactly what I was thinking!

      2. drain well, add an egg, maybe some finely ground white cornmeal, salt, pepper, and make into patties to fry, then top with some savory meat, or a nice cheddar (and broil), dressed with a lemony vinaigrette arugula salad with shaved fennel and bacon, or use the patties like cornbread, with a pot of black eyed peas.

        1. Saute some onion, bell pepper, and a little celery in bacon fat until done...Add it all to the beans...bacon fat included!!! ....Add two toes chopped garlic, two Bay Leaves, and a little Thyme...Find the very best quality smoked sausage you can find....I'd say a pound...Slice about 1/2 of it into round wheels...and saute till done....Add it to the beans. Cut the other half of the sausage into links and brown. ---- Slowly simmer the beans to let all the flavors blend...Serve as is or over/with rice..and the sausage links on the side...Salad and french bread or cornbread are good sides too!!. Louisiana Hot Sauce/Tabasco at the table is a nice touch......


          1. There's a "green and white bean gratin" recipe from Moosewood that would work well with these! Basically you just take a couple cups of blanched green beans, put them in a casserole dish, and then spread over them a can of white beans that have been zipped through the blender with some garlic, herbs of your choice, salt, and pepper. Top with cheese, some whole beans, and more cheese+breadcrumbs and bake until bubbly.

            Oh, I see there's an online version with permission: