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Jun 14, 2009 10:07 PM

Rosemary Restaurant Las Vegas

My wife and I had dinner tonight at Rosemary Restaurant out on West Sahara Boulevard, about 8 miles west of the strip. Although a little out there, the trip was definitely worth while as the meal and service were outstanding. Shortly after we ordered we were each brought an amuse bouche of a crispy won ton with whipped goat cheese on a carmelized onion reduction sauce I believe. That was followed by a second amuse bouche of grits with a creamy garlic mushroom ragout. For starters, we had a sweet corn soup with a dollop of chive cream and a parmesan cheese souffle with the same or similar creamy garlic mushroom ragout. For mains, we had halibut over sauteed spinach and a muscadet butter sauce and perfectly cooked veal tenderloin over roasted potatoes and red wine reduction sauce. There was a little crispy bacon with the potatoes which gave a jolt of salt to the bites of veal that included some of the bacon. I think the dish would have been better for me without the bacon. For desserts we had rhubarb strawberry cobbler with ice cream and here was the only less than stellar note a coconut bread pudding with coconut ice cream and dark chocolate sauce. Neither one of us were wild about the bread pudding. To finish off the meal, we were brought a little plates of sweets to enjoy with our coffee. Sunday night, the restaurant's wines are 50% off. We enjoyed a 2004 Gigondas. Unfortunately, I don't recall the producer. The wine had nice fruit, nice nose and great mouth, but the finish on the wine was a little short and tended to fall off. We recommend highly for a great meal and the big bonus is the restaurant is not located in a casino or on the strip as far as we are concerned. We would definitely return.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed Rosemary's. You definitely hit some of the menu highlights. I happen to love the coconut bread pudding, but it does tend to get dissed around here more times than not. Try the lemon pudding cake or the goat cheese cheesecake next time.

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    1. re: GroovinGourmet

      I agree the goat cheesecake is delicious. I don't usually like goat cheese because the aftertaste is too pungent for me, however the goat cheese cheesecake was very subtle because it was sweeten.

      I went for Rosemary's lunch which was only $23 (usually $28) with the coupon printed off their website. I can't wait to go back for dinner as Wednesday is 50% for ladies. A stellar deal. I will have to try some of the dishes you mentioned.

      1. re: cocochanelella

        My only gripe is they changed the sauce with the Goat Cheese Cheesecake. The Scotch Caramel was out of this world. I have not ordered it since they went with the blueberry sauce. Next visit I may ask if they can do the Scotch Caramel for me.

        1. re: GroovinGourmet

          They must have recently changed the sauce. I was there the first week of May and it was the scotch caramel

          1. re: cocochanelella

            Then they have changed it back. My last visits were in January and it was still blueberry back then, as it had been for awhile. Great news!