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Jun 14, 2009 09:37 PM

Mahelb - ideas for this great spice?

Hi Hounds,
I use maleb in an Armenian bread (called choreg or katah) that I make often for my family. But, frankly, I haven't seen any other recipes out there that use it, other than this bread. It has such a distinct earthy, yet sweet taste. I imagine it would be great in savory dishes as well. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. Hi, I have the same dilema, love the flavor of mahleb and there have been a few mentions on the boards which I've attached, hope this thread brings out some more suggestions! I have just about finished the last batch of choreg in the freezer and now that the warmer weather is here I probably won't make another batch till thanksgiving...

    a pistachio cookie:

    more cookies

    search on the word mahleb, there are a lot of references...

    1. I've only used it in making ka'ak a middle eastern round bread stick.

      1. Thanks for the references. I'll search through them tomorrow when I am more awake. The round bread stick? Is it a touch sweet like choreg?

        No one else..... Why is this? It is so heavenly. Nothing else tastes like it. Since you are both familiar with it, do you think it would work in stews or veggies, or in rice pilaf? I make choreg every other month and its gone so quickly, I could make it more if I wanted to. It ends up being a huge mess, but I want my daughter to learn these old recipes (she is quite the dough roller), so I suffer through it ... and wait till my husband is around just about the time we finish.

        1. I love mahleb as well! But to be honest with you, I've never heard it used for anything other than cheoreg. I may have to check the old cookbooks!

          1. Have you looked through the links on this site? you might also search alternate spellings. I absolutely love mahlab in choreg.

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              Thanks Jen for the link. It mentioned Easter pie, but I think it may be considered the same thing. I did a few searches with maleb and malab on this site, but didn't see anything. On google I found cookies and bread, but nothing in regular dishes. A while ago I saw an article in NY Times mag that listed it as a new spice chefs were using, but no recipes and I haven't seen any since. Maybe a couscous dish?