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Jun 14, 2009 08:52 PM

Authentica - Disappointed

Went to Authentica for an early Father's Day celebration. Had a reservation, but was seated outside on patio despite requesting indoors (would have had to wait 30+ minutes for table inside). Service was borderline rude. We asked for additional tortillas and were told no. Asked for a separate plate to share an appetizer and was told no. Wife and Mom ordered Shrimp and Fish respectively and enjoyed. Dad and I ordered a stuffed pork tenderloin. Dish came cold and very undercooked for pork tenderloin. We complained about the temperature of the dish and waitress argued that it was brought straight from kitchen. She took the dishes back without any sort of apology and feeble attempt to offer another entree.

Too many good restaurants in Portland to deal with this crap.

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  1. We recently went to Autentica for their brunch after an absence of about a year. We thought that they slid way downhill. We used to love the Bistek (grilled steak -tender and flavorful) and the Chilaquilles(sp?). This time, the only bistek they had was Mexicano and it was very tough strips cooked in tomato sauce. We also ordered their shrimp. They were huge shrimp, but so overcooked that they became tough, and the soup they came in had nothing else in it and was not especially flavorful. They were polite to us and asked if we wanted anymore tortilla. For the prices that they charge, we will not return. This used to be one of out favorite restaurants.
    This Portland trip was saved from disappointments at Autentica and the one at Kenny and Zuke's by the exstatic state that I was in after eating the "Reggie".