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Jun 14, 2009 08:35 PM

Anniversary Dinner

My boyfriend and I are celebrating our second anniversary this Tuesday, and it's up to me to decide dinner.

I'm looking for something in the downtown area, preferably close to TTC. Being 20 year-old students, we haven't really experienced any fine dining, so we're not very picky. Last year, we went to the 360 restaurant and enjoyed it, and from what I've read on the boards, the food isn't top knotch. A place that serves a good steak would be ideal, since that's probably what he'll be ordering. Somewhere that's both romantic and a little fun would be great, but I'm not really into looking into Italian, Asian, or anything too exotic.

I'd like to spend about $100-125, not including tax and wine.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. Before everyone makes the suggestion, I will make it first, Nota Bene !!! Yeah.

    Or if you want a cozy environment. Loire is a good choice. I had a steak special on one night, and it is quite good, the duck and pork belly are also very nicely done there, the belly tastes very good with the beet. The fish which is a kind of white fish I had the other night, is very good, simple, moist and perfectly cooked. Mussel is good, but I find it not too special, a safe choice.

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      Well, let me be the first to not recommend Nota Bene, and suggest Canoe instead. Mains are around ~$40, but it's definitely worth it vs. Note Bene.

      If you do end up going to Nota Bene, please check the other threads to find out what dishes are okay, because many are pretty bad. The atmosphere is also not conducive to an anniversary dinner (in my opinion).

    2. If it were me, I'd be going to Scaramouche. Very romantic, great atmosphere. If you go to the Pasta Bar which is still inside the restaurant but over to one side, it's slightly less expensive and the menu is slightly more casual - they have excellent steak frites. Wherever you decide, have fun and congratulations megsss!

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      1. re: millygirl

        I love Scaramouche, and would never knock it, but I think I might have found it to be a bit of an old crowd when I was 20.

        Megsss, not sure if you're looking for "fine dining" specifically. If you'd be happy with somewhere with good food and a slightly more casual, but still romantic, atmosphere, may I make the following suggestions:

        The Rosebud's fairly romantic, has good food, and is in the right price range, though I can't recall if they have steak (and they don't have a website so I can't check). Another restaurant along the same lines (but to the east rather than west) is Weezies - really enjoyed my one meal there and found it romantic in a cozy sort of way. It's pretty well-liked on this board.

        Also, Harbord Room came to mind. I still haven't had a chance to personally check it out, but other posters generally rave about it, and if I'm not mistaken it's supposed to have a pretty romantic vibe. Also, checked their website and they do have steak frites.

        Congrats, and let us know where you end up.

      2. I assumed $100-120 was for both. If that's the case, skip Canoe and Scaramouche. Nota Bene may be a little tight. I haven't been to Loire, but want to go, so I can't comment. My suggestion is go to Le Select. I'm sure you can find some post which debates the merits. They offer a $35 prix fixe, steak is a choice. They have a good selection of beers and wine. With a couple of glasses of wine, it should come to around $100 minus tip. And the room looks like a Parisian bistro, what could be more romantic?

        1. Thank you so much for all of your great suggestions!

          The price point would be for two people, so at the moment, I think I'm leaning towards Weezie's and Le Select. Maybe Scaramouche, Harbord Room and Nota Bene. But, I'll run all your wonderful suggestions by the boy to see what he thinks too. And I'll definitely report back once we've gone and chosen!

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          1. re: megsss

            Weezie's or Le Select would both be good choices. I was confused and thought you were looking at $100-125 per person!

            1. re: megsss

              I would say Le Select, or Niagara Street Cafe. I would definately keep Scaramouche Pasta Bar in mind, you could definately get a meal for 2, with 2 app, 2 entrees, and a shared dessert for $120. Same space as Scaramouche, just different part of the restaurant. Same great ambiance, service, and food. I somewhat agree with another poster's comment about it being a more older crowd at Scaramouche...but you'll find an older crowd at most upscale places.

            2. So we ended up at Weezie's and really enjoyed it. We weren't expecting it to be small, so it was a tad noisy when we first arrived. However, it quieted down once a large group had left, with the atmosphere taking a quaint and cozy turn - perfect for an anniversary dinner.

              We found the service was incredibly attentive, and the prices were very reasonable. The steak was a success, as he said it was one of the best he had ever had. I ordered the cornish hen, which I also found very good, although not as good as his steak. All in all, we really enjoyed ourselves and it turned out to be a great choice. Thank you all again!

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