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Jun 14, 2009 08:01 PM

En Route to Inn At Little Washington (from DC--cross post from DC board)

We're going to the IALW on Saturday evening for my 30th birthday and are staying overnight (at one of the nearby, more reasonably-priced B&B's instead of dropping a minimum of $750 on what I understand is a small, old room).
We'll be driving from DC on Saturday and wanted to have a leisurely drive out there, but on the way were hoping to stop somewhere cute and quaint for lunch. While I know that it will be a big meal Saturday night, our reservation isn't until 9 pm, so we'd like to grab a bite around noon or 1 to hold us over until dinner time. We don't need a huge meal but are looking for recommendations on the way for lunch and/or wineries. An added plus if it's a winery that serves lunch!

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      Sorry--coming from DC. Thanks!

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        KWynn - Sorry but I think your posting this in the wrong board. This board doesn't cover VA. Anyway, good luck with your trip. Although I've never been, I understand the town and the restaurant are lovely.

        1. re: bgut1

          Was there a number of years ago. The food and service are stunning.

          Here is a copy of the menu the night we were there:

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            We stayed one night at the Inn at Little Washington 16 years ago as part of a 25th anniversary celebration road trip. Given the occasion, we chose the most expensive accommodation: one of two bi-level suites. Wonderful bath facilities, but when it came to the furnishings, handsome is as handsome does, and there was *the* most *uncomfortable* couch in the living room!

            Upon our arrival, we were served tea in the lovely garden. Service was so hyper-solicitous and hovering, it bordered on annoying.

            With regard to the cuisine at dinner, it was very good but didn't blow me away. I recall remarking to Mr. R. that we could eat at least as well or better at the many fine dining establishments in NYC.

            Finally, I thought it rather skin-flinty of them not to include breakfast of any sort in the cost of the room. For $800 (room cost only; dinner was additional!), I can't imagine it would have totally ruined their bottom line to throw in a glass of orange juice and a croissant.