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Chowfind: sriracha and ballpark mustard

I know it sounds weird (well, it did to me anyway) but sriracha and ballpark mustard 1/2 and 1/2 together is delicious as a dip or spread.

At one of Toronto's (many) pan-Asian restaurants today our siu mai came with a side of sriracha and yellow mustard, in the same ramekin. At first I thought it was strange, but my apprehension was soon rewarded with much deliciousness. Something about the tumeric in the mustard and the garlic-chile combo was lovely. Highly recommended.

Again, so strange I needed to share.

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  1. They serve something similar at a dim-sum place in SF.

    1. Slightly related, I love mixing Sriracha with Ketchup, half and half, so that I can have a spicy dip for my potatoes.

      1. Try mixing Sriracha with a good mayo, Homemade, Hellman's or TJ's organic. Yum!

        1. i always just think of sriracha as spicy ketchup anyway. try mixing it with chinese mustard. that will get your attention, lol.

          i frequently mix it with hellman's for a dipping sauce for fried shrimp or dumplings.

          1. I mix it with tartar sauce when I make salmon cakes. Ironically, I got this idea from a chowhound review putting down a restaurant whose "homemade spicy tartar sauce" had been lauded somewhere, but the CH reviewer compared it to commerical tartar mixed with sriracha.

            1. I mix sriracha (or other good hot sauce for that matter) with wasabi and Greek yogurt for a dip for raw vegetables. Heap tasty.

              1. I like mixing sriracha with ketchup, tabasco sauce and bbq sauce. Delish.

                1. I leave my sriracha alone its like majic in my mouth.

                  1. I had forgotten that this was the one way I actually like yellow mustard. Thanks!

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                      I just had a lamb belly confit dish the other night and it was served with a sriracha mustard. Was told it was the following ingrediants:
                      Chinese hot mustard
                      Stone ground mustard
                      Dijon mustard

                      going to give it a try soon...will have to eyeball the measurements based on strength of flavor so not to have one overwell the other.