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Jun 14, 2009 07:36 PM

looking for a japanese garden view

hey everyone! long time reader, first time poster =)
i'm on the hunt for a place in Tokyo that can do a great breakfast/early lunch with a lovely view of a japanese garden ... i'm hosting an after-wedding brunch (on a monday) and am looking for a place that is a bit different from the reception venue (restaurant luke in )
My first leaning is Chinzan-so, but the four seasons although amazing is a bit expensive, especially for all the guests. any other restaurants you know of that would fit the bill?

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  1. Would Happoen in Shirokanedai work?
    Or Gajoen in Meguro

    Grand Prince in Shinagawa has nice garden, but I believe they are quite expensive as well. I am sure there are others, though.

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      How about Le Meridien Pacific at Shinagawa? Love the breakfast room facing the gardens, which I read somewhere used to belong to some member of the royal family.

    2. Two of my favorite gardens for lunch are Tofuya Ukai or Daigo. Daigo does kaiseki inspired shojin ryori (vegetarian), but you do not miss the meat. It is also has 2 Michelin stars if that means anything to you. (Ukai website in English)

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        Wow! They look gorgeous but the prices are a bit much for a big group... I think I'll save Daigo/Tofuya Ukai for anniversary dinners instead =)