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Jun 14, 2009 07:21 PM

Harlem near City College?

Hi everyone!

I just moved to Harlem, near City College. I'm living around 141st and and Saint Nicholas Ave, and would love to find some more places to eat, preferably between Amsterdam and 7th Ave, 130th-150th St or so.

I've eaten at:
Caridad -- really enjoy their rotisserie chicken.
Raw Soul -- good, but very slow, weird service.
Londel's -- I'd read pretty good reviews of Londel's, but, IMO, it didn't live up to the reviews.
Famous Fish -- I pretty much get this whenever I see that they have no line.

I'd love to find some bakeries and cafes, and try out other restaurants.


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  1. Globetrippin on Amsterdam between 144 and 143
    Cafe Largo, 3387 Broadway near 137
    Bus Stop (cheap and good place for breakfast), 3341 Broadway near 136

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    1. re: smithreers

      Thanks for the recommendations! Sorry for the delay, but I forgot that Chowhound doesn't have an email notification when someone replies to a post.

      I've been to Cafe Largo before, but I have to admit that I didn't think that the food made up for the slow service or the prices. My paella was sandy. :(

      Globetrippin' looks great, though, as does Bus Stop. I'll have to check them out this week.


    2. Are Tres Pasos and Vinegar Hill still on Broadway btw 137th and 138th? I think they're siblings of Cafe Largo, but they're takeout only. Both have strong points--tres pasos has one of the better burritos I've had in NYC and Vinegar Hill makes an excellent pecan/sticky bun.

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      1. re: sholli

        I second you on the sticky bun.

      2. A belated update -- life's been far too busy lately.

        My wife and I made it to Globetrippin right after Michael Jackson died. Everyone was sitting around looking somber, but the proprietress was really friendly and the place is very cute. It looks like they only have one entree a day -- that day it was some sort of stew, but it was too hot to eat stew that day, so we had a cupcake instead. We would up eating at the Ecuadorian restaurant next door:
        Ecuatoriana Restaurant, 1685 Amsterdam Ave (btw 143 and 144)

        A lot of the customers were riveted by an Ecuadorian news program that was playing. We each ordered an entree -- as it turns out, each entree is probably enough food for two-three people; we had leftovers for days. We loved both our dishes. Calling ahead might be a good idea, though, because we waited forever for our food.

        I just made it over to the Bus Stop today. I had the New York Burger (sauteed mushrooms, jalapenos, mozz, and maybe something else). The toppings were good, the meat was a little generic. The jalapenos were fresh which was an interesting mix. I definitely intend to go back, and try something that can give me a better feel for their food.

        I tried to stop over at Vinegar Hill and Tres Pasos, but....
        Tres Pasos looks closed.
        Vinegar Hill (and Cafe Largo) have signs that say, "Closed temporarily, sorry for the inconvenience."


        Vinegar Hill Bread Market and Gourmet
        3385 Broadway, New York, NY 10031

        Tres Pasos
        3385 Broadway, New York, NY 10031