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Jun 14, 2009 06:35 PM

Best Peking Duck?

I did a search in the archives for Peking Duck recommendations, expecting to find dozens, but instead I found nothing. I'm shocked. Anybody have an opinion regarding what the best Peking Duck is in the City? All I come across are mentions of Peking Duck House, some disparaging.

I'm looking to go on Father's Day, because duck is my father's favorite food.

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  1. Your'e right! I did archive search and nothing!! This topic has been done til death and I don't understand why it's not in archives. Anyway Peking Duck House is the best!! There are 2 locations, one on Mott and the other on E 53rd.

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      Hope those help.

      I don't have an opinion about the best, but do enjoy the one at Chin Chin, and it has a lovely room, etc.

      Edit - those searches are for one year - you can do advance search and increase the number of years.