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Jun 14, 2009 06:12 PM

Davis Street Tavern PDX

Great spot in Old town. Across the parking lot from Ping. Excellent Happy Hour with great food (Sirloin burger, Bratwurst, Albacore, Crostini trio, Oysters) at $5. Also $6 Wine and $3 Beers. The dinner menu had a great variety and nothing much over $22. Very good Single Malt Scotch and Tequila selection as well. Friendly service to boot. My wife and I had 2 glasses of wine each and a happy hour appetizer for $40 including tip. Nice to finally eat good food at happy hour instead of crappy spinach dip etc.

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  1. It's excellent. I've only been for lunch, but both dishes were some of the best I've had in a long time.

    1. I really like the place for dinner and for HH. Had a really delicious dinner there a couple of months ago.

      Their HH runs on Sat. too, which is a great bonus. Went there after a Sat. matinee at PCS (note: if you haven't seen Storm Large's Crazy Enough - GO!! She's awesome!!) a couple of weeks ago and had a great HH meal of oysters w/steelhead roe, albacore carpaccio, burger w/porkbelly, mac n' cheese. All $5 and all wonderful. Nice drinks too (the French Pear -grey goose le poire, st germain, lemon - is amazing) and nice selection of glass pours and beers.