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Jun 14, 2009 05:51 PM

Sunday Roast, Oxford Center Pub

Hello - We would love suggestions for a good Sunday roast at a pub in Oxford center (no car) that is child-friendly. We will be arriving at LHR early in the morniing and taking the bus to Oxford so I imagine we will be fairly tired and wanting a good meal around 3 or 4 pm or so, a short walk around the town to get our bearings and then sleep. Any suggestions appreciated.

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  1. I've no specific knowledge of Oxford, so it may not apply, but where I live in the country pub belt most pubs finish lunch by 3pm on Sunday and stuff starts running out after 2. Many Sunday lunches have gone off the rails because we walked a bit too far or set off a bit too late.

    So you may not be able to rely on getting a good feed after, say, 2.30.

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      I should also say that you will struggle to get a good pub lunch in Oxford on Sunday. I wish it wasn't the case, but you will need to venture out of town to get any fresh, decently cooked food.

      1. re: jrrugby

        That does seem to be the consensus. Someone suggested to me that we try the Perch or the Trout, but we would need to take a taxi. I am considering our options.

        1. re: Kat

          If you decide to go to the Trout, you can do it by bus/ walking and it's quite a nice walk from Wolvercote along to the Trout.

          The No. 6 bus goes from Oxford City Center (outside the Randolph hotel). Takes about 15 minutes to the last stop, where you get off. It's then about a 10 minute walk from there.

          A black cab to the Trout will probably run you around £15. Return fare on the bus will be £3 per person.

          If you're here when the weather is nice, the Trout is absolutely packed on sunny days, so book a table.

          1. re: Smouse

            Wow. 15 GBP for a taxi is definitely not in our budget. Thank you for that info. It will have to be the bus, if we decide to go.

    2. Hi, Kat.

      Oxford city centre isn't terribly good for food, I'm afraid. However, there is a lovely old pub called The Turf, which I've heard does a pretty decent roast on Sunday's. Directions (as it's tricky to find unless you know what you're looking for!) here

      The other alternative, particularly if it's a sunny day, is The Head Of The River, which is a fantastic pub sat right on the river. Their Sunday lunch is very good, but you need to go fairly early to be sure of getting a table as it gets packed on a nice day. This also has the bonus of being right next to Christ Church meadow, which is beautiful to walk around and doesn't take too long...

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        I find it sad that the Head of the River is mentioned in this forum. All the food is Brakes (frozen, pre-made food - I see the truck delivering the food every day!) . If you want frozen burgers and chips, this is the place to go but I am assuming you would like something a bit better than this.

      2. Sadly, Oxford city centre is distinctly mediocre for food. The Turf tends to get pretty packed during the summer.

        If you can find the energy to go slightly out of the centre, the Black Boy in Headington ( has very good food - email them and ask if they do a Sunday roast. They also run cooking classes for children, and Abi, who runs the place, is very friendly and flexible.

        Takes about 10 minutes by bus/ cab from the city centre.

        1. Appreciate the advice and the suggestions. We may Sunday miss Sunday lunch but I'm sure will wind up at a pub at some point in the afternooon.

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            And as a follow up for anyone else looking for Oxford suggestions - the Black Boy does do Sunday lunch, although the type of roast changes from week to week.

            Also a good idea to book, as apparently they are crazy busy at the weekends.