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Jun 14, 2009 05:45 PM

Braai. An Exotic Culinary Surprise

Was looking for a new spot to take some out of towners for dinner. They requested something "adventurous." After reading a number of mixed reviews for Braai, a South African restaurant in the theater district, I decided to give the place a try. From the "Lion King" interior design to caring, responsive service to the fresh, flavorful cuisine, this place was cooking on all burners Friday evening. The appetizers included ostrich skewers, mussels in a saffron, curry broth, and spicy, juicy lamb burgers--all beautifully prepared and layered with flavor. Main courses included grilled giant prawns, ostrich steak, and thick, tangy barbequed pork ribs--all served with a platter of exotic condiments. Fine selection (though not cheap) of South African wines. This was the best NYC meal I've had in weeks.

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