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Jun 14, 2009 05:35 PM

Looking for vegan gluten-free bread

Hi all,

I'm in need to recos for a decent vegan gluten-free bread. Whole Foods has a line but it has eggs in it. Many ohters have dairy. Or soy flour - and I'm allergic to soy.

Looking for something that has taste, whole grains (not just white rice) and is pre sliced.


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  1. what about Ezekiel bread (sp.?) from the frozen foods section at Loblaws?
    It meets your needs and is delish.

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    1. re: meld_la

      Ezekiel bread is delish...but it is made from wheat flour....therefore not gluten free. At least ShaSha's Ezekiel bread is made this way....are you talking about another brand?

      For a bread to be gluten free it has to have no wheat, oat, rye, spelt or kamut

      1. re: jrabbit2727

        not the one I was talking about- definitely gluten free. I can't vouch for ShaSha. The one at Loblaws is frozen.
        I was directed there by a registered nutritionist.

        1. re: meld_la

          I don't think you can buy gluten-free Ezekiel bread. I believe it;s made from sprouted grains which are easier for many to digest but contain gluten. However the company that makes Ezekiel, "Food for Life". also makes gluten-free bread.

        2. re: jrabbit2727

          Oats? I thought oats were celiac-tolerated if not cross-contaminated.

          1. re: Paulustrious

            Yes you are right...oats if not cross contaminated do not have gluten....but because oats are usually handled by the same mills and processing plants that handle wheat, barley and rye they get enough contamination that they can readily trigger a gluten allergy when ingested.
            I would rather play it safe than sorry.

      2. This brand is carried at one of my local stores and has options you are looking for. Perhaps you could try a mail order then convince one of your local sources to carry this brand. I hope the link works... I will check back later to make sure you got it.

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        1. re: pauladrake

          Thanks, yes the link works but the breads either have yeast or unfortunately they won't work for me.

          Difficult...I know. But I appreciate your effort!

        2. Little Stream Bakery makes a few kinds of organic gluten-free bread (buckwheat, quinoa, brown rice). They definitely don't contain eggs and I am almost certain they are vegan. Check out their website for more info, including where to buy it near you.

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          1. re: toveggiegirl

            These look perfect! Thanks. Many of my local stores are listed as carrying their products. I will call them and see if they will order some of the gluten free breads for me.

            1. re: jrabbit2727

              Great! I hope you can find some near you.
              Also, I don't think they carry this bread, but have you checked out the store at Sick Kids? They have quite a few gluten-free products.

          2. There's only one place you need to call. Organic Oven. Peachy (one of the most loving, hard-working people I've met) runs the place. I've had her vegan, gluten-free bagels. Can't lie - they were pretty dry but after a few minutes in the toaster, some Earth Balance, it satisfied my bread craving.
            Her vegan, gluten-free black forest cake is my favourite.
            She operates out of Brampton but distributes some products throughout Toronto.
            Let me know how you find the bread.

            1. A new gluten free bakery has opened in the Yonge and Lawrence area:


              I can't vouch for it as I have not gone yet.

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              1. re: Zengarden

                That's awesome! The press release says they cater to here's hoping! I will try it out and report!

                1. re: jrabbit2727

                  They're right next door to Milagro, the best Mexican I've found in TO so far. So you could kill two chowbirds with one visit.