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Jun 14, 2009 05:20 PM

N. Conway or Jackson Area - Money is no object!

My husband and I will be in the N. Conway area for our 31st wedding anniversary. I've checked previous posts on this area and can find little in the way of fine dining. So far, the only places I have been able to find are:

The Notchland Inn
1785 House
Inn at Thorn Hill

There seems to be a number of B&B in the Jackson area, but I haven't been able to pin any particular one down for a romantic, fine dining experience.

Any thoughts on the those above or other suggestions? I'd be willing to drive 20-30 minutes from North Conway.

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  1. One of the best restaurants in New England...IMHO... always have had great meals here... fantastic cocktails..

    White Mountain Cider Co
    RR 302 Glen NH, NH

    1. Have not been back in a while, but I@TH was fab. Perfect for an anniversary dinner.
      We love Notchland, a little more reasonable, but if you want over the top, do Thorn Hill.

      1. Happy Anniversary. Jackson-North Conway is a vast culinary wasteland in my opinion, but there are a few gems. The Inn at Thorn Hill is fabulous for a fine fining experience.

        There is also The Wentworth in Jackson but can't recommend it. We had a bad experience the last time we went there (granted, it was a few years ago) and have never been back . Too bad because they had a great wine list and the food was actually good (although overpriced and a bit unimaginative) but the service was terrible. (I would love to know if this has changed -- Chowhounders?)

        Jackson is very low key and relaxed, and I hope you have a wonderful time. Most B&Bs -- some of which are wonderful -- don't feature dining or dining open to the public.

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          I.m sorry about the Wentworth. We have always receoved fantastic service. Yes, the food is not always imaginative, but I've not had a bad meal there.

        2. Rafferty's Restaurant & Pub. Great food and portions, and drinks. Right in North Conway Village. Around the corner from the 5 & 10.

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            A pub for a 31st wedding anniversary.........wasn't exactly what I had in mind! :-) Sounds like the Inn at Thorn Hill is the way to go.