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Jun 14, 2009 03:31 PM

Looking for chipotle chile in Calgary

Hi, I'm trying a recipe that calls for "chipotle chile in adobo sauce."
Does anyone know where I can get that in Calgary? There was no sign of something like that in the aisles of Superstore (Sunridge).

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  1. I'm sure I saw some at the Midtown Co-op (produce section), with a bunch of other dried varieties. I'm also sure you could pick some up at Boca Loca (1512 11th Street SW) or Salsita (777 Northmount Drive NW).

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      I am surprised that you did not find it in Superstore as they often have more of a variety of sauces and condiments. I have the Embasa and La Costena brands in the larder which I think I must have picked up either at Sobeys or Safeway here in Edmonton so I would expect the same for Calgary.

    2. they have cans at the safeway on MacLeod trail (near southland drive).

      1. get my tins all the time at walmart of all places.herdez brand.very tasty

        1. I bought some at the Crowfoot Safeway yesterday. They were on the very top shelf in the Mexican food section. I also saw them at Salsita on Northmount the other day (no corn tortillas, though!).

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            Jetgirly: seriously, no corn tortillas? That's bizarre.

          2. Yay! Thanks everybody!