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Jun 14, 2009 03:27 PM

Gourmet cheese in Ft. Myers?

I recently relocated to Cape Coral and have a hankering for some aged goat cheese. Does anyone know a gourmet food shop in the Ft. Myers/Cape Coral area that might have some good cheeses? So far I've only found places in Naples which is a bit far.

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  1. i'm not sure, but that supertarget there at pondella and pine island intersection (just near where del prado comes into pine island road) has a pretty nice selection in their groceries.

    ooh, i almost forgot, there's a produce/grocery/deli shop in a stand-alone building there on hancock bridge parkway which has some good gourmet cheeses at good prices.

    head east on hancock bridge parkway toward n. cleveland avenue. the shop is on the left after moody rd. and just before palm ave. (?) about a mile before you hit new 41/n. cleveland (coming from the cape). it is just across the road from marinatown lane on the right. sorry i can't recall the name. but it is relatively new, well-stocked, nice folks. has unusual old-fashioned candies, a deli, sandwiches to go, a hot bar (with good soup), nice produce on the porch, gourmet pantry items (sauces, mixes, olives, european foods), too.

    please post the name and info if you find it.

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    1. re: alkapal

      I did a little sleuthing using Google Streetview and found that it's called Berti's Hancock Bridge Market.

      Here's the Web site:

      It looks like a fun place to check out. Thanks for the heads up!

      1. re: latentradical

        that's it! please check it out. i hope it meets your cheese needs (and more!). they also sell cuban bread, if you have hankering to make a cuban sandwich.
        btw, if you like cuban food, go to rincon cubano. fabulous value for authentic cuban fare.

        for good, meaty wings, check out wing nuts on del prado just north of the hospital (they also have grolsch on tap! yeah!).

        mel's diner is good for reubens, diner fare, big pies... there on pine island road a little west of del prado.

        i started a thread about pizza, but can't link it right now.

        rib city has decent bbq there on cleveland, south of hancock before the bridge -- on the right.

        fabio ristorante on hancock at orange grove blvd. has good italian food -- esp. the daily specials. cash only.

        the best pizza is up in punta gorda if you're up that way, "old monty's" on 41.

    2. Check out 55 Degrees in Gulf Coast Town Center. A lot of people on this board don't love it, but in terms of their gourmet cheese selection, it really doesn't get much better.

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      1. re: NiKoLe1625

        does 55 degrees have retail cheeses? i got the impression it was a restaurant. the website that i found didn't provide any information (maybe it was because it was within the gulf coast center's website. but, i couldn't find another).

        1. re: NiKoLe1625

          I thought 55 Degrees closed? If its still open, they do sell cheese as a retail store.
          You could also try The Sandy Butler. They usually have a very large selection of cheeses.

          1. re: Suzie

            I think the woman who does the cheese at 55 (which I have no idea whether it is open or not) sells at the various green markets in town. Fort Myers has one Saturday morning behind the Alliance for the Arts. You can also find artisan cheese at the Farmers market behind Tommy Bahamas in Naples. In season, there is a market in Bonita Springs at the mall where Roy's is. The problem with these is the selection is quite limited. I can't imagine buying cheese from these places in the summer...heat...bugs...I don't care if they ice it or not.

            Some good cheese is available at Fresh Market but if you want good cheese with a huge selection you will have to drive to Whole Foods in north Naples. They have it all.

            1. re: LilMsFoodie

              I agree on Fresh Market (Bell Tower Shops, btw) and definitely Whole Foods, although a bit of a drive.

              Don't know if this will help; Mario's (US 41 & Chrystal by the Eager Beaver Car Wash) has some of the best fresh mozzarella I have ever had.

              1. re: MartiniGenie

                THANKS! I didn't know there was a Fresh Market at Bell Tower, that'll do it! They usually have a bucherondine there, at a good cost too Yeah, I thought I was going to be stuck going to Naples!

                Thanks everyone!

                1. re: latentradical

                  did you ever check out the place on hancock bridge parkway?

                  1. re: latentradical

                    I thought of another good cheese source and one that often has unusual cheeses: The Sandy Butler. They have a restaurant but their main thing is the grocery. Lots of choices there, although I think it winds down in the summer.


                    1. re: LilMsFoodie

                      sorry I missed Suzie's rec of the Sandy Butler. They have a great price on excellent imported Parmigiana Reggiano.

          2. As far as I'm concerned the best cheese in town, both retail AND wholesale comes from 55 degrees. Yes, it's open, and the cheese is treated like a living thing as opposed to being vacuum packed and not allowed to breathe. Their aged Gruyere is the best I've ever had and they have a huge selection of high quality cheeses to include blues, pecorino's, gouda's, amazing goat cheese (bucheron) and cheese you may never have even heard of. Plus, you can try anything there first. Ask for Caroline, one of the owners.

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            1. re: PamelaForce

              55 Degrees (formerly Quality Cheese) is closed.

            2. Since I travel a lot (and am something of a cheeseaholic), I used to have the same problem. I was always looking around for a good gourmet cheese shop nearby. Then I saw a zestbit page ( that led me to the Cheese Ambassador, which I recommend taking a look at. The only problem with them, though, is that they don't always have everything I want. But you can get decent baskets of cheese that have several different cheeses in them. The best thing I've liked about it is that they've kinda introduced me to a number of new cheeses I might not have otherwise tried. Just a thought...

              1. 55 Degrees has a great selection. Ask for Caroline, she knows everything. There are many of her own selections as well as Rolf Beeler (all Swiss) and she has a great Italian and Spanish selection as well.