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Jun 14, 2009 03:05 PM

Haiku - White Plains

Looks like the new Haiku in White Plains on Mamaroneck Avenue is getting ready to open. Passed by on Friday and they took the wood red facade down. Anyone know anything?

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  1. I was jsut about to post the very same thing Kaaaaasss. The quick view I saw seemed to indicate that front end still needed some work.
    Anyone working in area? A walk by would give a better idea.

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    1. re: Jon1856

      I work on Mamaroneck Avenue Joh1856. Will take a walk by again and see if I can get some scoop...

    2. While doing a few matters in WP on Saturday, including getting some chesse from Iron Tomoto, stopped by and found a few people working on space.
      Was told that, with fingers/toes/eyes all crossed, working on opening on/about July 4th.

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      1. re: Jon1856

        Thanks for the news Jon. I work in White Plains and every time I walked by this week the doors have been closed. Looking forward to their opening. I used to like Asian Temptation but they have fallen by the wayside in the last year...

        1. re: kaaaassss

          K-Agree with you about AT-GF & I went there & felt nothing great about it. Just our POV/experience.
          BTB-Back door was open;>D I was in parking lot coming back from getting copies next door.

          1. re: Jon1856

            I agree. BF and I used to go quite a bit as we live in white plains and it is in walking distance. Service, communication and food quality has gone down. They are opening a restaurant across the street by the melting pot. Can't think of correct name but they cook at the table....I wonder how well that will work out....Oversaturation with Asian in White Plains. Haiku has a good reputation so I'm keeping my crossed and hoping for the best.

            1. re: kaaaassss

              I'd rather have an oversaturation of Asian restaurants on Mamaroneck Ave. than bridal shops or 99 cent stores. No contest.

              If only one of them would be Vietnamese!

              1. re: Dim Sum Diva

                Turth be told, I would rather have it as it once was: 5th Ave. North.
                However you just reminded me that I do want to start a seperate thread on Vietnamese.

                1. re: Dim Sum Diva

                  That is a good point. A good Vietnamese would be a nice change.

        2. Any relation to Bronxville's Haiku?

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          1. re: lollypop

            Yes - they also have one in Mamaroneck and one in Woodbury Long Island.

            1. re: lollypop

              The one in Bronxville is enormously popular and quite good. However, it is too small for the number of tables they have crammed in there. I always feel like I am eating in a subway car. I wish they would rent another location and expand their operation -- and there are certainly many spots in Bronxville currently available for rent. They are so busy that you almost always have to wait for a table (there are no reservations) and since they are to small to have a proper waiting area, it can be a pretty nippy wait in the winter.

            2. I drove by on Saturday and butcher paper was still up covering the windows. Gave a thought to pulling in to lot and checking back door but had places to go....
              So it seems that, even with everything crossed, still could get it open on 4th.

              Will try to keep an eye out and it I can check some doors early this week.

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              1. re: Jon1856

                They had the doors open last week while they were working. Looks like they have a bit to go. Hopefully they will finish in a week or two. Looking forward to trying it.

                1. re: Jon1856

                  Fingers just are NOT working tonite-Should have said still could NOT get it open on the 4th & I will see if I can check (rear) doors early this week ;>%

                  1. re: Jon1856

                    Walked by Haiku about 5 minutes ago. Paper is off the windows. I peeked inside. Looks like they have some finishing up to do but not much. There were some workers inside and I saw what looked to be chefs because they were wearing white sitting at a table deep in discussion. I didn't want to interrupt. I know they already have their liquor license so when they finally open up we won't have to wait to be served liquor which is a plus.

                    1. re: kaaaassss

                      Found out that they are planning on opening July 12th. They are waiting for their Certificate of Occupancy....

                      1. re: kaaaassss

                        Had some time left meter so I dropped into open front doors. They seem to pushing rather hard to get ready to open Sunday/Monday. No menu was around.
                        Looks nice but still a bit of a mess.

                        1. re: Jon1856

                          Passed by myself and asked if they were still scheduled to open Sunday/Monday. They said Monday...Looking forward to it.

                          1. re: kaaaassss

                            Passed by last night. Grand opening sign is up and the lights were on. Went inside and they said they will be open starting Monday.

                            1. re: kaaaassss

                              I'll be curious to hear what the set-up is like there and whether they shoe-horn in as many tables as the possibly can, as in Bronxville. My only objection is that it's impossible to have a leisurely meal there.

                              1. re: roxlet

                                I plan on stopping there tomorrow evening. From what I already saw when I stopped in Saturday to ask when they official open, the bar is set up with a lounge area and looks like the table are toward the back...It is bigger then Broxville.

                                1. re: kaaaassss

                                  Walked by Haiku at lunch and they are open for business. Some people sitting at the tables outside and some inside. Restaurant is spacious - much larger then Bronxville. I plan to stop by after work for a drink and a bite.

                                  1. re: kaaaassss

                                    best of luck, the sushi in Mamaroneck was tasteless!!!!

                                    1. re: martyl9

                                      Actually everything was fresh and flavorful.

                                      1. re: kaaaassss

                                        we will need to try; drove by last night at dinner time; the place was packed. do they have a full liquor bar?

                                        1. re: martyl9

                                          Yes. They do.
                                          Remember: Do NOT drink and drive. WPPD will find you.

                                          1. re: Jon1856

                                            Stopped by around 11 last night for a cocktail. Bar and lounge crowded 20 and 30 somethings. Music not loud so you could talk. Kitchen open until 1:30. Lounge table service slow. Waitress overwhelmed. Need to work kinks out

                                            1. re: kaaaassss

                                              Went on Saturday night and took our chances with no reservation.. was sat in about 45min, not bad! Service was very friendly, but bus boys were hovering like a hawk! Got a chuckle over the table next to us struggling to open and pour their own bottle of sparkling water.. Anyway, thats nitty gritty stuff that will definitely be worked out over time.. over-all the meal was great and the place is extremely well done.. very modern and chic interior with a great menu. Never got my noodle entree that was ordered (which still somehow ended up on the check! tells me it wasn't the server's fault since it was ordered...) but was full off of the amount of sushi that we ordered anyway so it was great. Food is very fresh, service is great, and drink menu is excellent. Will definitely be back!

                                              1. re: mel7

                                                the restaurant. Noise level has risen dramatically in since it opened. It's a shame... They have to cater to whoever is paying the bills and if that is the young drinking crowd then that will be it. Again a place that has potential to attract a mixed crowd is already pushing the older group out the door.

                                                1. re: kaaaassss

                                                  Your posting just brought back part of the conversation I had on the weedend prior to their opening. A part that in 20/20 hindsight I should have posted.
                                                  The gent I spoke with did say something about the sound system; something that at the time I thought I heard wrong. He pointed it out to me, saying how good it was and that it would be loud. I think my comment at the time was something to the effect of are you sure about that? Older crowd may not enjoy that all too much...And then conversation touched on younger crowd... and then moved include bar, top shelf, sake et al...

                                                  1. re: Jon1856

                                                    It is a shame. These new places start out touting how they want the older crowd but adapt to the younger crowd who stay and drink. As we all know, restaurants make more profit from alcohol then from food. I think Haiku's location (on the same block as the pubs) is getting the spillover. The food is good and the prices reasonable and portions generous but if you want to be able to have a conversation and not fight for a space at the bar, you have to go on the early side....The truth of the matter is there are not enough older people to let these places survive...

                                                2. re: mel7

                                                  Part of my post got cut off. Was in the restaurant tonight with friends for drinks and possibly dinner. Getting into the restaurant you have to push past the 20 somethings who have also taken over the bar area. I have eaten dinner here twice since they opened and the food is excellent. Forget about a relaxing dinner if you arrive after 7.

                                      2. re: kaaaassss

                                        What is with tasteless sushi? I have had it at lower prices sushi restaurants and private affairs. Is it frozen first and too long? I know the pink tuna is gassed to look fresh when it is not. I had great sushi at h
                                        Haiku in Mamaroneck when they opened and later I had tasteless sushi once they were established. I hope that is not the case in White Plains.

                                        For good sushi stick with the Japanese owned places like Azuma in Hartsdale.

                                        These Asian places are what Chinese restaurants used to be, an affordable fun place for everyone. Not always committed to quality.

                                        1. re: Barrels41

                                          Has anyone been to Haiku White Plains since it opened? I have been several times. The place has been crowded every day since day one. I have found the sushi and other dishes to be consistent. (Passion Roll and Thai Pad Noodles with Shrimp are a favorite and seem to be a popular dish). Fresh and good size portions. Service is uneven but to give them the benefit of the doubt they have been slammed every day. I have noticed that after 9:00, the crowd gets young (20's), they take over the lounge and bar area and the music cranks up. If you want to eat and be able to communicate with your dinner companion, I suggest you go on the early side...otherwise it will turn into an extension of the other bars on Mamaroneck Avenue.

                                          1. re: kaaaassss

                                            We ate their last Friday night. We eat somewhat frequently at Haiku in Mamaroneck but we were seeing a movie so the one was right there. Food was good, the same as Mamaroneck, but clearly a different scene. It was hot that day, front was open, we got there at 6:45, left at around 8:15, and the place was packed.

                                            1. re: valerie

                                              we finaly got there last night at 8:15. a twenty minute wait at the bar was actually 35 minutes. the table offered was outside. the better half was agreeable to dine on mamaroneck ave. twenty minutes to get even a glass of water after being seated. finally the food arrive which was mostly good. the service was so slow that when my gin on the rocks arrived the ice was mostly melted. It nice to see that there are numerious managers walking the floor but what do they do other than watch servers struggle in with their duties. the sushi overall was better than the Mamaroneck branch but my two pieces of tuna sushi were were salty. it seem those pieces were tainted by being placed next to the mackerel. At least the kitchen is opened to midnight or 1am. will have to try again for early dinner or late night. It was noted it was the only Bar that had activity of all the Bars on mamaroneck avenue last night.

                                              1. re: martyl9

                                                Just adding a recent vist to the mix of comments/reviews. I was there last week, and the experience was just utterly disappointing. My expectations weren't ridiculously high (I do appreciate that a lot of the places sprouting up in WP and the surrounding area are just as much about style as substance), but what really surprised me was how much it DIDN'T feel like I was out on a date. My husband and I chose it because I wanted sushi and he doesn't eat fish (so Nanase was out of the question), and figured that we'd pretend we were young and cool and have an unashamedly pretty and shallow night out. Revel in it.

                                                What I hadn't counted on was being rushed in an out in under an hour. We knew about the no-reservation policy and were actually very happy to sit at the bar and have a drink while waiting for a table, but we were shown to our table before the drink arrived. That's not a complaint - in hindsight, we should have said we'd prefer to have a drink first -- it's just something that contributed further to our short amount of time there.

                                                Apps: I ordered the spicy sichuan dumpings. They were gigantic, floppy, overstuffed, and the wrapper was so thick it was hard to chew. The sweet, sticky sauce that was glopped all over it tasted like it had come from a jar. No discernible heat/spicy/ma la numbness whatsoever. (The temperature of the dumplings was also tepid.) Husband's fried gyoza were OK. He ate them.

                                                Three separate waiters tried to take my husband's empty plate away while I was still bravely battling with the dumplings. We prefer to keep our plates until everyone's finished and we're used to having to state that preference during a first attempt, to remove plates, but gosh, were they determined. It was clear why, as the second I gave up on the dumplings, put down my chopsticks and pushed the plate a little to the side, our plates were whisked away and our entrees were put down. Barely seconds elapsed.

                                                My sushi wasn't that bad - I think I must have had a better experience than some other people in this thread, by looking at their comments. The yellowtail was rather chewy, though - not the translucent, silky stuff it has the potential to be. Husband's spicy chicken dish was, again, not in the slightest bit spicy. It was also lukewarm (served on a stone-cold plate), and I suspected it had been ready ever since the first attempt to take our app plates away.

                                                The wait staff was certainly friendly, but our table wasn't great (just a picky comment, and the endless yammering of the woman at the table 2 inches away was just bad luck, I concede), the food was pedestrian and, while not expensive, still not worth what we paid, and it just didn't feel like we'd had anything of an evening out to show for our time and money.

                    2. I have only done takeout so i dont have a view of dining in there but the lunch specials are a great deal and the food is plentiful and delicious. I am comparing to other "takeout" chinese places like Imperial Wok, Asian Temptation etc.. and Haiku to me is the best.