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Naples-Pizza Poll.....

Hello all,
I posted this question on the bottom of my other post (the one with all the cities) but thought this question may have many differnt points of view. I guess it really depends how you like your pizza. Growing up in NY I think now I take for granted for the best pizza on earth (at least so far for me). It has been what I compare all other pizza to....a little crispy on bottom, great sauce and cheese. So here is my question for Naples Pizza...

I have heard many great reviews on Da Michele. Actually watched it today (tivo) on Rick Steeves and Sam Brown show. It looked good, but kind of soft crust. I also heard about Sorbllo or Matteo. We are stopping in Naples for 2 reasons only....Pizza and to visit my grandmother's villa she grew up in Vomero. I know...not near each other at all but must do both.

Would love to hear your fav pizza place and/or advice on the three mentioned above :)

You guys are so great....many thanks to you all!!!!


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  1. Da Mateo- take away as you walk- pizza and bucatini fritata.
    La Europeo- great restaurant for pizza, pasta papas &provolone, and fava, peas and pasta soup. Really good place.
    Also, Naples has the best espresso in Italy.

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      We had a couple of really good meals at La Europeo - including pizza and seafood and whatever else they put on the table. The owner was charming and just kept bringing us food. It was great.

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        Don't forget the desserts and the street food sold out of windows as you walk this wonderful city. Naples is the sleeper great destination in Europe these days. Going back in a few months and know I will love every minute of it ...... again. Just walk into any church in this city and prepare to be dazzled. Particularly the very grim on near Piazza Dante that looks like the most austere and threatening fortress and it is all beauty, color and light once you get inside. Best tomatoes in the world found in this city. And the fresh mozzarella defines itself only in this city. Anything else is a pale comparison that should not even be sold. Yes, yes, yes to the pizza but do not stop with just that one item. Mangia bene all throughout Naples.

        Great icecream in Vomero, very nice upscale neighborhood of small high-rises and an outdoor escalator to take you from the funicular up to the apartments. Public transit in Naples is a surprise of innovation and smart technology.

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          Supposedly, the best sfogliatelle is sold in a walk-up window in Galleria Umberto. The name of the place is La Sfogliatelle Mary. We were always too full when we passed this place to try the pastry here. Even the long line of eager purchasers wasn't long enough that we'd be hungry by the time we got to the front. I wanted to split a pastry with my husband for the sake of research, but he refused. I was too full to handle one of the rich pastries on my own.

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          I went to high school in the Vomero area and had to pass from the Mergellina train station to the funicolare all the time. Betweent the two, there's a pizzaria called 'da Pasqualino' in piazza Sannazzaro. For me that it real Neopolitan pizza. Don't compare it to NY pizza, that's a whole different thing. Plain Margherita is the way to go if you want the real thing. Eat it with a knife and fork, or just fold the whole thing in half and have at it but watch out for the olive oil on top. A little further down toward the Funicolare station (along Via Mergellina) is 'Ciro' which is a little nicer inside but slightly more touristy. If the weather is nice, I suggest getting a taxi to take you to the Marechiaro area (up on the Vomero) and hit 'dal Cicciotto'. No menu, just eat whatever they bring by and pay the man when you leave. In between you will have an unbeatable view of the bay of Naples and some of the finest food I've ever eaten.

        3. Naples is amazing - not just for Pizza - all the food, seafood, vegetables, pasta etc are wonderful, light and fresh flavored - so dont sell it short - the people are high spirited (you can hear singing in the street) the traffic cars and whizzing motorini are crazy, the city is set up on its old Roman grid plan, with ancient ruins below the street level, the ancient and baroque churches and museums are wonderful (Capodimonte, Archeological etc), the setting with Vesuvius on the Bay is amazing, so many wonderful places within a short ride, and did I mention the super food in the region and delicious local wines?.

          There are some good reviews on the web of Naples pizzerias - just input best pizza Naples and you will see a sampling of views in addition to those on Chowhound

          Will be interested in your report.

          1. da michele is very good. deb and i were there in march. it's a little tough to find but well worth the effort. we'll be back next march.

            please don't forget to visit sansevero chapel. giuseppe sammartino’s veiled christ is the most beautiful piece of sculpture i have ever seen. like da michele, sansevero chapel can be tough to find, too. an iphone, or equivalent, with gps really helps.

            una pizza napoletana in manhattan (12th st. between 2nd and 1st ave.) does a good job of approximating pizza in naples. if you like pricey pizza there, you'll love da michele and it's low-low prices. soft drinks and beer only as i recall.

            i spent as much time on my way out watching the bakers make the pies as i spent eating the pies. simply superb.

            1. I like Pizzeria Brandi.

              Pizzeria Brandi
              Salita Sant'Anna di Palazzo, 1, Naples, Campania 80132, IT

              1. Hi - I just returned from 2 weeks in Italy. Loved Naples and hope you have a fantastic time there. Did nothing but eat pizza the 4 days I was there and without a doubt thought Sorbillo was head and shoulders above the rest.

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                  hey sounds great! Did you REALLY eat nothing but pizza?? which other pizzerias did you try?

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                    So after reading all of your posts, as well as links and on net...I am torn. I want to go to Da Michele b/c I like hole in wall places and everyone says its a classic. Then my other 2 choices are L'Europa and Da Mateo. I dont want to eat pasta ansd peas... i know that sounds good but I want a pizza place. We are only stopping though as I said....so I think I will bring all three address and see which one I can find with my GPS! They all sound hard to find!

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                      De Matteo (also a hole in the wall) is on Via Tribunale. It is very easy to find, and whether or not you go for the pizza, I wouldnt want to leave Napoli without walking that ancient street in that ancient neighborhood, checking out the street life (lively, crazy) and stepping into a couple of the ancient churches. I cant speak about the others, not having been, but a map would get you there, Im sure. Its not a nighttime destination, really since the shops on the street which add interest close at night, the street life dies down and there are precious few streetlights.

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                        There's construction on the piazza near L'Europa which will complicate your locating the restaurant. We were debating between walking -- a healthy walk from our hotel but do-able -- and taking a taxi. Rain tipped the balance and we took a taxi. I was glad we did when we pulled up in front of the restaurant. The direction from which we would have been walking was totally blocked off because of construction.

                        Incidentally, L'Europa is not even close to a hole in the wall.

                        Di Mateo is better described as a place for locals more than a hole in the wall; it's too big for that description. But you'll eat on bare tables sitting on plastic chairs. The focus on on the food on your plate.

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                          I think we are leaning twds a local place on via luca giordano near my grandmother's old villa. I am sure it will be great. I think its called Trattoria Caprese. Then we dont have to worry about parking car, and getting lost. Only here for few hours so think this is a better choice. Thanks so much for all of your help :)

                  2. Reading through these recs - wondering if there is anything good near the train station? We are having lunch prior to visiting Pompeii and would like to have some real-deal pizza to steel ourselves for heavy duty touristing...!

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                      Id hazard a guess that its probably a 20 min or so walk from the station to Via Tribunale and its cluster of good pizzerias - with di Matteo at 94.on that street.

                      Here are a couple of links with bigger lists.


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                        da michele is 15-20 minute walk if you know where you're going. well worth the effort.

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                          Yup. I really liked the pizza at Da Michele, so it is worth seeking out.

                      2. I think you'll either love it or hate it as Neapolitan pizza is the complete opposite of what you say you like.Having said that,if you are in Vomero I would suggest Pizzeria Gorizia.It is considered one of the finest in Naples,though not a "hole in the wall", and is of the very best quality and standard.(Better that DaMichele IMO)That would be the most convenient for you also.Starita,Matteo,and Capasso are also worthy but less convenient for you.

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                          do you think the Gorizia pizza is better than Acunzo, la Notizia and Cilea? trying to get our destinations calibrated because we will be staying the Vomero neighborhood.

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                            For the record, and for what it's worth, the ONLY pizza I ate during a brief stay in Napoli was Da Michele -- and I quite disliked it. I couldn't tell if I just didn't like Neopolitian pizza (too soft, I prefer Roman pizza) or if Da Michele was sending a message that it doesn't want to be a tourist destination.

                            1. re: summerUWS2008

                              we had some great pizzas (sorbillo 32 via tribunali and di matteo last visit.
                              I liked the white pizzas best - I thought the dough had a fantastic texture, taste and lightness in both places. I definitely dont intend to eat pizza repeatedly on this trip because I dont want to OD on it but any updates to this thread and as I mentioned particularly re Vomero spots would be great.

                              btw no intention to visit Da Michele this time around.

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                                I've always wanted to stay at the Hotel San Francesco al Monte. It's terrace restaurant is said to have to-die-for views, and its food consistently is praised but it does sound fancy, and quite expensive. I couldn't resist going for a sunset drink. I assume you've checked out Plotkin's Vomero recommendations, if they are still up to date.

                                In planning previous trips to that area, I used to scour british newspaper travel sections on the web for tips about Naples and its environs. In recent years its had a revival with young Brits due to cheap air fares, and Vomero is trendy. I think there are problems with relying on food recommendations from British tourists, but you can sometimes hone in on a consensus.

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                                  thanks yes, I have the latest plotkin and a lot of other sources - there do seem to be quite a lot of newspaper columns about Naples in the last few years. the fact is that even with a whole week in naples it resolves down to a relatively small number of restaurants we will be able to sample, and given that we have an apartment and are doing some day trips it will be even less. So I want to make any restaurant meals be good and characteristic ones. We have had such good experience in past in this City that Im not really worried - you'd think Im planning the Normandy invasion or something instead of a week in a city where it would be hard to go too wrong.

                                  I suspect we will have our pizza in Vomero or perhaps try Matozzi or Starita. any new comments on these would be welcome.

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                                    Jen: I just returned from one night in Naples, staying at Palazzo Decumani. Relevant to this thread, I had a light dinner at Europeo Matozzi that included a pizza Margherita, which was quite good, although not on the level of those I had at Sorbillo last year. I cannot imagine a more welcoming place than Matozzi, although I was not bowled over by the two dishes we ordered (in addition to the pizza)--mixed cold antipasti and antipasti al mare.

                                    Beware that the adjacent area is in disarray due to the construction of the Metro station at Piazza Bovio. I will fill in with more details on this and on Ischia once I get settled back home.

                                    1. re: erica

                                      welcome back! Im super-interested in your report, especially since Im trying to decide on a day trip to one of the islands and I suspect some of your thoughts will be extremely helpful.

                                      1. re: erica

                                        Erica, Matozzi is the place I was writing about when I posted about some truly the heroic eaters. Did you observe any other gold-medal level eaters when you dined there?

                                        1. re: Indy 67

                                          Indy, I 'm guessing you are talking about Europeo di Matozzi (the restaurant Erica is referring to) rather than the Pizzeria Matozzi in Piazza Carita which I had referenced.

                                          just about all the food writers rafe about l'Europeo and Im hoping to go there (tho not for the pizza, even tho Arthur Schwartz and other like it. Im going to be sure to go back and read all the reports before heading off.

                                          1. re: Indy 67

                                            Indy: I remembered your report and hoped that we would run into those gourmands! But we ate so early (around 7:30) that there were very few tables taken.

                                            Jen: I will write a few thoughts this weekend. We loved Ischia, although one has to search a bit for great chow.

                                2. re: jen kalb

                                  jen ,I haven't been to any of these.Notizia,though well known (due to Enzo Coccia and his teaching ) is reportedly not so special.I stand by Gorizia and Starita. Sorbillo can be confusing as there are actually two locations on via Tribunali,with different quality.Gorizia in Vomero is very highly respected by industry people in Naples and considered in the top tier.DaMichelle,though the most famous (along with Brandi) does a different style and uses different ingredients (e.g.seed oil not Olive ). I don't regard it so highly.

                                  1. re: xny556cip

                                    I'll second that about Starita, which is in the Materdei area of Naples and easy to get to by the metro. There are signs leading you down the street from the Materdei metro stop so it is easy to find. It is away from any tourist influences of the downtown so you see the real Neapolitican family life going out, celebrating and loving their pizza and other items on the menu too. Everyone seems to have their favorites there which they order without even needing the menu, which is extensive. You walk right into the pizza making area so you get to see the whole process happening at the front door.

                                    Also agree Sorbillo is confusing. We were there in August and the main older one up the street was closed and the more annex one down the street was really only mediocre and far more frequented by tourists, though I love Via Tribunali for its wonderful sense of intimacy and surprise so it is worth simply exploring the neighborhood for this one.

                                    August is a problematic month for many restaurants, including pizza as much was closed.

                                    Agree also the Decumni hotels put you right in the middle of the action in Naples, we did the one off of Spacconapoli and there were restaurants galore to choose from almost right out our front door.

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                                      the sorbillos are related (the old story about families) but not the same. I went to the one closest to the Port'Alba end, which I believe is at 32 last time around and had a really excellent pie but I dont think thats the same number Arthur Schwartz mentions on his website _I will try to verify the adresses this time but Im not on a major pizza mission here, so cant promise more on this front. (given the metro I do hope to get up to Starita) . We are staying right in the center of Vomero hear all the funiculars (closest Montesanto) and the new metro so am expecting we will not feel too isolated from the action, which I love. Looking forward to shopping in Montesanto/Pignasecca area, for example for our dinners.

                                      does anyone have a good panificio recommendation in that area or Vomero?

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                                        HA! Port'Alba! Our last day in Naples was a Sunday and we weren't sure that Da Michele was open on Sunday and were unable to get an answer on the phone. So since we were in the area, we walked to Port'Alba and had a really good pizza there. Two, actually. THe one with anchovies - no cheese and a margherita. Both delicious. So good, in fact, that we were unable to speak. Halfway through the meal, the three of us made eye contact and my companion's comment was that she was silenced by the pizza. It just doesn't get much better than that.

                                        In a side-by-side tasting which pizza would win? No idea. But at the moment it was pretty damn awesome.

                                        1. re: Nyleve

                                          Yes Port'Alba is pretty good, not just their pizza, as I recall they have quite a nice range of seafood and other stuff too. We were staying close to there (241 Correra, I think its called) and it was a godsend for an early supper on Sunday nite for us too.

                                        2. re: jen kalb

                                          So envious of your extended stay in Vomero. Yes, the Sorbillo at the Port'Alba end was the one that was closed for August and the more casual one down Via Tribunali was the one still open. It was okay but not anything to distinguish it.

                                          I did like my pizza at Brandi but it seemed like it was pretty pricy but the side ally locale and the history made it convenient and fun to enjoy wonderful pizza and be in the middle of the bustling crowds.

                                3. Thanks for all the guidance here. We were only in Naples for a day, so we started off at Sfogliatelle Mary for their amazing pastries, then off to the art museum, and then to Di Matteo for pizza. Both Mary and Di Matteo were as advertised - absolutely outstanding. My Margherita pizza at Di Matteo was just awesome - see for yourself! We'll have to get back for a longer visit and try out more places.


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                                    Sfogliatella Mary's shop where these were made was right across the street on a small alley off Spacconapoli where our wonderful hotel Decumani de Charme was located. We could watch them through the open door in the mornings making and stuffing these treats. Then by afternoon, the place was closed up tight as a drum as if all that activity never happened. Great foodie location to be in the historic center of Naples and just walk a few blocks in every direction for some of the best it has to offer.

                                    1. re: glbtrtr

                                      I, too, saw this Mary location when I passed your hotel a few weeks ago. I passed at night so it was not open. But I am confused. Last year I had my sfogliatelle moment at the Mary location in the Galleria Umberto. Are there then two Mary locations?

                                      1. re: erica

                                        The Mary location at Galleria Umberto has a conspicuous sign that states that it is the only location. So I am very doubtful that this other place (which I saw too)is the same ownership. On the other hand, Mary's sfogliatelle was good but it did not send me over the moon, at all.I suspect it wins its praise for being in a prime shopping and touristic location and that other places including this imitator are as good or better.

                                        1. re: jen kalb

                                          It looked like only production for Mary took place at the location across from my hote in the Centro Storicol. I did not see any retail sales there and it was closed up tight by afternoon. We do have a photo of them injecting the filling in rows and trays of the sfogliatelle.

                                          I liked the less creamy ones that were primarily flaky pastry and not over stuffed with ricotta myself- there was a sidewalk carryout on Spacconapoli where I got the ones I liked compared to others with more public reputations - the ....turrco one (can't remember its name any more)

                                  2. Just got back from Naples, and having eaten quite a lot of pizza in just 2.5 days, I thought I'd add my review.

                                    Da Michele -- I definitely understand why this one gets the most attention. The crust was really stand-out (perfectly chewy, lots of air pockets, good flavor -- best of the bunch), and the simple flavors of the sauce and the cheese (we had both the Margarita and the Marinara), were great. Plenty of char, but the char flavor was not the best we had. I can understand why some may think its hit and miss -- our Margarita actually only had sauce and cheese around the outer half of the pie (excluding the crust), and was a sea of clear liquid in the center (I guess a combo of tomato water and oil). It still tasted good overall, but it wasn't the ideal presentation -- however, other patrons near us had perfect pies, so I guess its a roll of the dice. If you're the kind of person who doesn't like droopy slices, don't go to Naples. Every pizza we had was limp in the center, but they all still tasted great. We did have to wait a while for a table -- about 45 min -- but we were idiots and showed up at 9 on a Saturday, so all told, the wait wasn't as bad as it could have been. Its a fun place to eat actually -- lots of action and energy, since its so busy, and we were seated right by the ovens so we got to watch the pies being made. Service was efficient but friendly enough.

                                    Pizzaiolo del Presidente -- I believe this one is a spin off of Di Matteo. This was actually the first pizza we tried, and while pretty decent, was the least exciting of the bunch. However, it did have by far the BEST char flavor of any pizza on the trip. The crust was fine but didn't blow us away (apart from the magical char of course), and the toppings were of a lower quality than at, say, Trianon. This pizza was also the wettest of the bunch and the hardest to eat. We had one pie with the kitchen sink on it (don't remember what, but it wasn't great; I know it involved some disappointing mushrooms), and a pizza bianca with arugola, parmesan shavings and prosciutto, which sounds great in theory, but was a bit dry and had way too much cheese (never thought I would say those words). Service was gruff. Zero charm to the place, but I didn't go in expecting much (its mainly a walk-up slice type of operation I believe, but you can sit in the back as we did as well). As "meh" as I make this place sound, it was still much better than your average pizza place in NY -- it just couldn't compete with the others we had.

                                    Trianon -- This was actually my favorite pizza stop of the trip, even if I might admit that Michele may make the better pizza. I'm willing to compromise a little on the crust to get some great toppings and they made it much less of an ordeal to get a pizza than Da Michele. Walk in, sit down, order, get pie, all in under 5 minutes. The toppings were great -- had a mushroom and sausage margarita that was to die for, and another called a "pizza forte" with roasted peppers, a kick of red pepper flake and jullienned bits of salami, all on a margarita base. Both were delicious, harmonious flavor combinations, with high quality ingredients. The crust was good, but not as good as Da Michele, with smaller air bubbles and a flatter crust overall, but still good char and still chewy. If I lived in Naples, I'd be here with a gang of friends all the time.

                                    Antica Costa -- We went here specifically to try the Pizza Fritta, but I actually ended up liking their regular pizza better than the pizza fritta. The pizza fritta was similar to a calzone, with a really interesting deep fried golden brown crust, but it just ended up being too much and too rich for us. It was filled with ricotta, tomato (not very much tomato) and ciccoli, which it turns out is a cousin of a lardon (I had to wikipedia that one back at the hotel). Basically it was a fat fest, and I could never eat a whole one again, but as a few bites between other pizzas, it would be great. The other pizza we had was similar to the "pizza forte" from Trianon (I believe Antica Costa called it "diavolo"), and it was likewise delicious, with a bit more heat to it, but the crust was nothing special and had zero char. While I liked the pizza here, I wouldn't go back with Trianon and Da Michele so close by.

                                    We also ate at Europeo, but didn't get pizza. I had pacceri with frutti di mare, which was yummy and huge, but no where near as good what I had on the Amalfi coast the week before, and my boyfriend had a very blah lentil soup with chestnuts. The antipasti della casa was great though -- a selection of cold vegetable casseroles basically, but they were all delicious. If you go there for pizza, don't skip the antipasti!

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                                      great report! - actually we just got back from out week in Naples but did not eat a single bite of pizza there. Report of excellent eating will be forthcoming but isnt likely to enhance this thread. Sorry for letting the side down but there is lots of other great food in Naples.
                                      ps though - I did verify that the Gina Sorbillo location at 32 via Tribunali is the place that I had really excellent pies in 2007. There is a lot of confusions with similarly named places but this was the one we tried and liked.

                                      1. re: jen kalb

                                        Yeah, we were sorry to cut Sorbillo out of the running -- it was that or Antica Costa vying for the last pie of the trip, and since I couldn't be sure I had the "right" Sorbillo... well, we'll have to hit it next time, now that we know!

                                        We definitely did OD on pizza. I'll need a few weeks off for sure.

                                        1. re: _emilie_

                                          I doubt if any one Naples pizza place is a must go, there are so many good ones. We had a lovely lunch at Ciro a Santa Brigida - didnt even think to order pizza there even tho the owner is or was president of the AVPM

                                      2. re: _emilie_

                                        Almost forgot the best part of the Pizzaiolo del Presidente menu -- "Plant-Eggs". I was baffled at first (reading the Italian menu revealed that they meant Eggplant), but it cracked me up for days.

                                        1. re: _emilie_

                                          God bless you emilie, tough work but somebody had to do it right? Thank you so much for your excellent detailed report. I'll toss in Starita in the Matedei district to also be included in the next Naples pizza crawl. I miss this city so much having just been there last August. Naples is a city that one can return to over and over and over again and always discover new corners or return to cherished corners with delighted anticipation. There is something nicely edgy about Naples that keeps it always feeling new, and rewarding. Food being just one of its many aspects that demands our full attentions.

                                          1. re: _emilie_

                                            I second the choice of Trianon. Great crust, great ingredients, right proportions.
                                            Last but not least, the voluptuous cashier whoe voluptuousness spilled on the counter. Absolutely dazzled us.
                                            I also would not eat near the none too attractive train station area. It's only a 15 minute walk to Trianon and the other legendary pizzerie. Also, personally I prefer to do this for dinner instead of a fast lunch before Pompeii. After such an excellent pizza, you want to tale a leisurely walk in the moonlight and not rush off somewhere. JMHO.

                                          2. I'm a huge fan of Trianon. They have one that I believe is called Margarita DOC and it is hands-down the best pizza I've ever eaten. I lived in Italy for two years and when I traveled to the south I would always book a stopover in Naples just to go eat that one particular pizza.

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                                            1. re: Jetgirly

                                              Trianon: Is that the one in Mergellina?

                                              1. re: glbtrtr

                                                It's about half a block further up the street from da Michele.

                                              2. re: Jetgirly

                                                I just got back from Naples - we went to Di Matteo and Trianon on the advice of these reviews. Both were fantastic. Our take was that we marginally preferred the pizzas at Di Matteo but loved the atmosphere of Trianon, especially in the evening. I had the Margherita DOC at both (called Bufala DOC at Di Matteo I think). I definitely liked the DOC at Di Matteo better - better char, more even distribution of ingredients. My husband's two pizzas were a closer call.

                                                You can't go wrong with either of these two. Or do what we did and go to Di Matteo for lunch and Trianon for dinner! (And go on a diet immediately afterwards.)

                                              3. My favorite pizzeria in Napoli is "Sorbillo" - it's just down from the "underground" several blocks - same road. If at the entrance to the underground and looking out, Christmas Alley will be kitty-korner on your left, turn right and walk until you see it on the lefthand side - it has an awning. There is a "Sorbillo" a little further down - probably same owners but looks more take out. I haven't eaten at that one. Da Michele is good but not over-the-top from others - it's just more famous. I assume you've heard of "Brandi's" - it is the place where the "Margherita Pizza" originated. That's located close to "Gambrinis" - a famous dessert place by Piazza Plesbicito. Good luck. :) I live in Napoli area and write a wine and gourmet food blog you may want to check out: http://www.deepredcellar.com

                                                1. Di Matteo pizzas are just out of this world. Do they put magic in their pizzas??

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                                                  1. Had the best pizza at a tiny place in "Spaccanopolii" section a few years ago. Can't remember the name. The place had just a couple of tables and a large flat screen tv on the wall. Behind the tables was a glass divider when the cook was making the pizza and you could watch the making on the tv. Does anyone know this place? We are going back to the area in Oct and I don't think I could find it. Best pizza I ever had. Thanks for any help

                                                    1. here are some web links to help you in Naples

                                                      www.pizzasforsale.com - this guy "Sale" ate 365 pizzas all over Naples/Campania and reported on eveyrthing. Check out his top ten lists.

                                                      I live in Naples. I did a review of 'da Michele' here on my blog: http://livingintheboot.squarespace.co...

                                                      Il Pizzaiolo del Presidente

                                                      Brandi's is just so-so, in my opinion

                                                      If you are out in the suburbs -- "Maroders" in Lago Patria/Varcaturo is excellent.

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                                                      1. re: LivingInTheBoot

                                                        Actually his 365 pizzas include pizzas not just from Italy (he reviewed pizzas in Azerbaijan and Poland), but most of the pizzas reviewed are in fact from Naples/Campania pizzerias. Very helpful link indeed. Some of the high-rated pizzas are from less known pizzeria (such as Il Rudere, for examle) which I look forward to check out when in Naples.

                                                        1. re: Georgy_aslf

                                                          I think he makes the very good point that the best pizza is probably not found in the touristic center of Naples. I think its Carla Capalbo that notes that many of the best pizza makers come from Tramonti and other similar areas. However it is interesting that he really didnt visit all of the fine pizzerias in Naples proper for example Starita a Mater Dei, that a lot of folks here praise, or others in the AVPN association http://www.pizzanapoletana.org/showre..., I guess because he was living in the Sorrento area. Obviously, there is a lot more work to do and 365 barely scratches the surface.