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Jun 14, 2009 02:37 PM

Naples-Pizza Poll.....

Hello all,
I posted this question on the bottom of my other post (the one with all the cities) but thought this question may have many differnt points of view. I guess it really depends how you like your pizza. Growing up in NY I think now I take for granted for the best pizza on earth (at least so far for me). It has been what I compare all other pizza to....a little crispy on bottom, great sauce and cheese. So here is my question for Naples Pizza...

I have heard many great reviews on Da Michele. Actually watched it today (tivo) on Rick Steeves and Sam Brown show. It looked good, but kind of soft crust. I also heard about Sorbllo or Matteo. We are stopping in Naples for 2 reasons only....Pizza and to visit my grandmother's villa she grew up in Vomero. I know...not near each other at all but must do both.

Would love to hear your fav pizza place and/or advice on the three mentioned above :)

You guys are so great....many thanks to you all!!!!


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  1. Da Mateo- take away as you walk- pizza and bucatini fritata.
    La Europeo- great restaurant for pizza, pasta papas &provolone, and fava, peas and pasta soup. Really good place.
    Also, Naples has the best espresso in Italy.

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      We had a couple of really good meals at La Europeo - including pizza and seafood and whatever else they put on the table. The owner was charming and just kept bringing us food. It was great.

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        Don't forget the desserts and the street food sold out of windows as you walk this wonderful city. Naples is the sleeper great destination in Europe these days. Going back in a few months and know I will love every minute of it ...... again. Just walk into any church in this city and prepare to be dazzled. Particularly the very grim on near Piazza Dante that looks like the most austere and threatening fortress and it is all beauty, color and light once you get inside. Best tomatoes in the world found in this city. And the fresh mozzarella defines itself only in this city. Anything else is a pale comparison that should not even be sold. Yes, yes, yes to the pizza but do not stop with just that one item. Mangia bene all throughout Naples.

        Great icecream in Vomero, very nice upscale neighborhood of small high-rises and an outdoor escalator to take you from the funicular up to the apartments. Public transit in Naples is a surprise of innovation and smart technology.

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          Supposedly, the best sfogliatelle is sold in a walk-up window in Galleria Umberto. The name of the place is La Sfogliatelle Mary. We were always too full when we passed this place to try the pastry here. Even the long line of eager purchasers wasn't long enough that we'd be hungry by the time we got to the front. I wanted to split a pastry with my husband for the sake of research, but he refused. I was too full to handle one of the rich pastries on my own.

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          I went to high school in the Vomero area and had to pass from the Mergellina train station to the funicolare all the time. Betweent the two, there's a pizzaria called 'da Pasqualino' in piazza Sannazzaro. For me that it real Neopolitan pizza. Don't compare it to NY pizza, that's a whole different thing. Plain Margherita is the way to go if you want the real thing. Eat it with a knife and fork, or just fold the whole thing in half and have at it but watch out for the olive oil on top. A little further down toward the Funicolare station (along Via Mergellina) is 'Ciro' which is a little nicer inside but slightly more touristy. If the weather is nice, I suggest getting a taxi to take you to the Marechiaro area (up on the Vomero) and hit 'dal Cicciotto'. No menu, just eat whatever they bring by and pay the man when you leave. In between you will have an unbeatable view of the bay of Naples and some of the finest food I've ever eaten.

        3. Naples is amazing - not just for Pizza - all the food, seafood, vegetables, pasta etc are wonderful, light and fresh flavored - so dont sell it short - the people are high spirited (you can hear singing in the street) the traffic cars and whizzing motorini are crazy, the city is set up on its old Roman grid plan, with ancient ruins below the street level, the ancient and baroque churches and museums are wonderful (Capodimonte, Archeological etc), the setting with Vesuvius on the Bay is amazing, so many wonderful places within a short ride, and did I mention the super food in the region and delicious local wines?.

          There are some good reviews on the web of Naples pizzerias - just input best pizza Naples and you will see a sampling of views in addition to those on Chowhound

          Will be interested in your report.

          1. da michele is very good. deb and i were there in march. it's a little tough to find but well worth the effort. we'll be back next march.

            please don't forget to visit sansevero chapel. giuseppe sammartino’s veiled christ is the most beautiful piece of sculpture i have ever seen. like da michele, sansevero chapel can be tough to find, too. an iphone, or equivalent, with gps really helps.

            una pizza napoletana in manhattan (12th st. between 2nd and 1st ave.) does a good job of approximating pizza in naples. if you like pricey pizza there, you'll love da michele and it's low-low prices. soft drinks and beer only as i recall.

            i spent as much time on my way out watching the bakers make the pies as i spent eating the pies. simply superb.

            1. I like Pizzeria Brandi.

              Pizzeria Brandi
              Salita Sant'Anna di Palazzo, 1, Naples, Campania 80132, IT

              1. Hi - I just returned from 2 weeks in Italy. Loved Naples and hope you have a fantastic time there. Did nothing but eat pizza the 4 days I was there and without a doubt thought Sorbillo was head and shoulders above the rest.

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                  hey sounds great! Did you REALLY eat nothing but pizza?? which other pizzerias did you try?

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                    So after reading all of your posts, as well as links and on net...I am torn. I want to go to Da Michele b/c I like hole in wall places and everyone says its a classic. Then my other 2 choices are L'Europa and Da Mateo. I dont want to eat pasta ansd peas... i know that sounds good but I want a pizza place. We are only stopping though as I I think I will bring all three address and see which one I can find with my GPS! They all sound hard to find!

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                      De Matteo (also a hole in the wall) is on Via Tribunale. It is very easy to find, and whether or not you go for the pizza, I wouldnt want to leave Napoli without walking that ancient street in that ancient neighborhood, checking out the street life (lively, crazy) and stepping into a couple of the ancient churches. I cant speak about the others, not having been, but a map would get you there, Im sure. Its not a nighttime destination, really since the shops on the street which add interest close at night, the street life dies down and there are precious few streetlights.

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                        There's construction on the piazza near L'Europa which will complicate your locating the restaurant. We were debating between walking -- a healthy walk from our hotel but do-able -- and taking a taxi. Rain tipped the balance and we took a taxi. I was glad we did when we pulled up in front of the restaurant. The direction from which we would have been walking was totally blocked off because of construction.

                        Incidentally, L'Europa is not even close to a hole in the wall.

                        Di Mateo is better described as a place for locals more than a hole in the wall; it's too big for that description. But you'll eat on bare tables sitting on plastic chairs. The focus on on the food on your plate.

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                          I think we are leaning twds a local place on via luca giordano near my grandmother's old villa. I am sure it will be great. I think its called Trattoria Caprese. Then we dont have to worry about parking car, and getting lost. Only here for few hours so think this is a better choice. Thanks so much for all of your help :)