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Jun 14, 2009 02:13 PM

August in Athens, Istanbul and Izmir

We wil be in Athens, Istanbul and Izmir during the last two weeks of August this summer. We really enjoy a good meal and search for special chefs and dining experiences as we travel around -- we can even be a little competitive about it. We would appreciate any suggestions and are happy to do the same for anyone interested in New York City restaurant recommendations or places we have visited recently (Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Uruguay coast, Tulum). We will be traveling with our 10 year old daughter but she likes a good meal as much as we do. We haven't done any research yet on Istanbul or Izmir but have started to put together some possibilities for Athens:

For lunch or snack: Kuzina, Kapni Kareas, Athinaikon, Diporto

For dinner (only three nights): Pasaji, 48 The Restaurant, Varoulko, Milos, Mamacas, Spondi, Bakaliko Ola Ta Kala, Alatsi, The Butcher Shop, Cafe Boheme

Thanks for your help. GHutcher

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  1. the istanbul dining discussion has been pretty well covered on this board. here are a couple of links to previous posts on that subject:
    i am working on some Izmir reco's for you. if i can locate my notes i will post those later tonight.

    1. I have heard from more than one people that Mamacas has deteriorated lately. Either true or not, considering you have many candidates for dinner, probably it is safe to remove it from the list.

      Pasaji looks more like a lunch sort of place, although I have not eaten there personally.

      1. Here is some limited information on Izmir:

        I was there last year and went to a restaurant called Top├žu and it was one of the top meals of my 2 week trip. You can go to the link for information on how to find it.