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Jun 14, 2009 01:35 PM

Craving Nanaimo Bars

I have been craving Nanaimo bars for the past few weeks. Both the regular kind and/or mint.
One or two will do, but they must be bakery fresh! Where can I find these? I realize that there are places where you can buy large trays ... but I'm just looking for a little treat. I couldn't trust myself around a tray of them!


Ideally, I'm looking for somewhere mid-town and TTC accessible (via subway, if possible)


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  1. Nanaimo bars are my favourite dessert - I actually don't have a huge preference for freshly baked vs. the ones you get at tim horton's, loblaws etc... so I can't help much but I do know that the Bulter's Pantry on Roncesvalle makes their own Nanaimos (its on their dessert menu).

    Oddly, the Nanaimos you find at the Mandarin appear to be somewhat fresh, though not my absolute favourite even though I've been known to eat 10 at a time there,

    1. i've been searching all around downtown TO for the mint kind... i have yet to find them freshly baked... i recommend My Market Bakery in Kensington Market accessible by the Spadina or College Streetcars...they offer original, irish cream, cappucino and i THINK peanut butter? go for the irish cream...hope this helps