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Jun 14, 2009 01:31 PM

Where to get the Best Burgers in Montgomery County PA?

I read the posts searching for the best burger in Bucks County, Most posts tended to lean towards Five Guys. Are Five Guys the best in Montco as well or does this county boast a different champion?

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  1. I would vote for Capone's in East Norriton, with a dark horse the Iron Abbey in Horsham which mixes chorizo with their burger.

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    1. re: cwdonald

      +1 for Capones, especially if I want a burger and a beer. I also like Ray's Burgers and Fries in Collegeville, but unfortunately, no beer there

      1. re: Chefmonty

        I would rate Ray's 1 notch below 5 guys, neither of which has the best burger.

      2. re: cwdonald

        Oh my god, that chorizo burger sounds so good! I have been so eager to try the Iron Abby but every time we go, the place is completely mobbed so we never even venture in. Maybe we'll try it again tonight, now I'll be thinking about a chorizo burger all day!

        1. re: cwdonald

          Ok, I oficially cast my vote for the chorizo burger at Iron Abbey. I just had it tonight and it was great, huge, hand formed, on portugese bread. Great recommendation.

          1. re: cwdonald

            Went to Iron Abbey for lunch today and I had the Portuguese Burger. WOW! Really big, with chorizo mixed in, prosciutto and cheese topped, lettuce, tomato & onion on the side and a huge serving of fries (the fries have some kind of aftertaste I can't quite get - seems like it might be garlic salt, but I'm not sure). Add an Ommegang Hennepin and you've got a great meal! Looking forward to going back to the Brazilian Steakhouse next door (can recall the name). Guess Capones will be next on the burger search trail.

            1. re: bucksguy14

              thanks for the review. I'll be heading to Abbey this week for a burger. Had a Blue Cheese burger at Redstone yesterday and thought it was delicious, albeit, a bit pricey Definitely liked the service and vibe at Redstone.

              1. re: TwoBellies

                Last time I was at Redstone, I had their Kobe burger. It was fabulous!

                1. re: crazyspice

                  I wanted that, Crazy, but my friend wouldn't buy it for me. Shame on her!

                  1. re: TwoBellies

                    Indeed! Did you at least get to try their Buffalo shrimp?

                2. re: TwoBellies

                  This is the new Redstone place at Plymouth meeting mall? I haven't seen any reviews about it yet.

                  1. re: jujuthomas

                    juju, it is at the mall. You really should give it a try. Everything we have tried there is great. Their signature martini is a Doli Stoli (pineapple). FAB! I avoid chain restos like they have the plague and we have had great experiences there.

                    1. re: crazyspice

                      I had the Doli Stoli, forgot to mention it. Excellent!!!! I also had the shrimp and corn chowder, it was wonderful. Oh! I also had the banana cream oir...Fuhgetaboutit! Awesome sauce!

                      1. re: TwoBellies

                        I can't have the shrimp and corn chowder as it has bell pepper in it. (I have a severe allergy), but it looks amazing! Did you try the cornbread?

                      2. re: crazyspice

                        We will put it on our list of places to try! :)

                        1. re: jujuthomas

                          Be prepared to wait. With Redstone right next door to PF Changs, that parking lot has become a zoo, and even on a weeknight you can have a wait of 30 plus minutes for a table.

                          1. re: cwdonald

                            But definitely worth the wait. Have eaten there several times and it has been fabulous each time.
                            The Kobe burger is divine!

                3. re: cwdonald

                  Went to Capone's for lunch today. Had the burger w/provolone & onions. Cooked perfectly! Added a Founder's Wheat. Will definitely be back.

                  1. re: cwdonald

                    I went to Iron Abbey and they did not mix chorizo with ground beef. They topped a relatively bland burger with cooked chorizo and prosciutto. I was underwhelmed. The burger was overdone as well. I could see serving it medium well if it were mixed with raw sausage, but this was not.

                  2. Cisco's Bar in Flourtown has a pretty good burger. I've only had Five Guys in DC, none local.

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                    1. re: Den

                      Cisco's has a pretty good everything!

                    2. Glenside Pub makes a mighty fine hamburger. Their menu hasn't changed in years though they do offer nightly specials if you're looking for something "different." Nice, crowded, friendly neighborhood bar atmosphere. Excellent place for a burger and a beer.

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                      1. re: caitlinhc

                        In Glenside, I would take the burger and wings at Union Jack's any day of the week. Not to mention a better beer selection.

                      2. My personal favorite is at Phils Tavern in Broadaxe (the edge of Ambler)

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