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Jun 14, 2009 01:25 PM

Tramontina Dutch Oven

I need your help to find the Tramontina Dutch oven 6-1/2 quart cast-iron enameled. I just phoned Ares in the West Island and thought for sure they would have it but no - only creuset -(too heavy and expensive)


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  1. Isn't that the one they sell at WalMart? I just bought one recently. It's a good buy -- but it feels a lot heavier than Le Creuset to me!

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    1. re: slobone

      Was it a Wal-Mart around Montreal area

    2. Walmart! Love mine, but I also have a Lodge which to me is the same!

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          Go online to Walmart. They will send it to the store and you don't pay any shipping. A lot of the good stuff they don't carry in the stores. I also bough some of the stainless Tramontina online, as that they defiantly don't carry in the store. I love it. It is very high quality stainless cookware.

      1. I'd say they are about the same weight as the LC. The work just as well. I don't think they'll last 40-50 years like an LC, since the paint chips a little--probably only 20-30, but for 1/5 the price....I bought two at Walmart--3.5 for about $30 and the 6.5 for $40. I think they raised the price though to about $40-50 respectively.

        1. I found my 6.5 qt dutch oven at Target. The Wal Mart in my area was out.