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Jun 14, 2009 01:20 PM

smoked salt, smoked paprika

I just bought both. I'm eager to try them all sorts of ways. Other posts have lots of good ideas for pairing smoked salt and smoked paprika with other ingredients, but what's your advice about how to incorporate them in a dish? Should they only be used to season a dish at the end, or will the smoky flavor persist even when smoked salt or paprika are added early in cooking? Thanks.

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  1. smoked salt is best as a finisher. paprika can be incorporated into the dish during cooking. in fact, the extended heat exposure can really help bloom the flavor & enhance the smokiness.

    1. I use smoked paprika in all of my BBQ rubs.....Personally I don't care for the salt. As has been suggested.. use it in place of the salt in the recipe.....