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Jun 14, 2009 12:10 PM

Twisted Noodle opening in Chapel Hill?

While at Eastgate in Chapel Hill, I noticed that the storefront where the China Chef used to be now has a Twisted Noodles sign up. Is the place in Durham now opening a Chapel Hill branch or moving? I went to their website but didn't see any mention. Anybody know anything?

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  1. Yes, the owner mentioned to me that they were planning to open up a second restaurant in Chapel Hill. He said there would be some slight variation in the menu, but that they would be fairly similar.

    1. Yes! It will be open in August. Can't wait. Love that place.

      1. It will fill the void of Thai cuisine in the Chapel Hill area, but it can be very hit or miss in my experiences.

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          Chapel Hill has one of the oldest, and IMO still one of the best, Thai restaurants in the Triangle, Thai Palace. Panang also serves Thai dishes and has been around many years. But the service is so poor IMO that I just go to Thai Palace.

          I like Twisted Noodle a lot and look forward to having a more convenient location, but to say there has been a void in Thai cuisine in Chapel Hill is incorrect.

          1. re: bbqme

            I had overlooked Thai Palace (though admittedly have not been) and as far as Penang goes I've not been but know they offer plates from various countries in that region. I guess I was thinking of strictly Thai like Thai Palace or other Triangle restaurants like Yum Yum on Harrison Blvd. in Cary.

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              I'm excited for this place to open, too.

              Thai Palace has solid food but the atmosphere isn't what I'm usually looking for (too quiet), and Penang... ugh don't get me started on Penang. Their generally wonderful food is grossly overshadowed by their generally abysmal service (e.g., 1.5 hour lunches on at least three occasions).

              Jujube in Glen Lennox also is a good place for Thai-similar food.

              1. re: moewron

                Just because it's Asian food doesn't mean that it's Thai food, even if every restaurant in NC seems to believe so. Coming from somewhere where all the Asian cuisines have their own restaurants and menus instead of a generic "Asian" restaurant like Penang, the restaurant you mentioned is Chinese and Vietnamese influenced, but not Thai influenced. Instead of saying that it's "Thai-similar", say that it's Asian, or even better, Chinese-Vietnamese, so people will know what to expect, as Asian can include Indian as well. I wish restaurants in this area would do the same so I could stop going to a Sushi restaurant that also serves Thai and Chinese food, instead of just Sushi and Japanese food.

                1. re: cheinonen

                  Penang doesn't bill itself as an "Asian" restaurant. Their sign specifically says Malaysian-Thai cuisine. I don't have a problem with this as those two countries are next to each other and both have similar outside influences to their food (India, China, and Muslim). I agree with you about restaurants that put Chinese and/or Thai together with sushi but Penang doesn't fall into this category.

          2. Just to update this topic, TN:CH is open. I had lunch there today. The space looks nice, but the menu definitely looks a bit smaller. They didn't have my favorite, Red Bean Curd Seafood Noodles, so I had Rad Naw w/beef. It was fine, but a bit on the sweet side, plus it looked like half the broccoli was "gai lan" and the other half plain old calabrese. Still, I'm glad they're open, as it makes it much easier for me to get my Thai fix when needed.

            1. VERY sad about the loss of China Chef. :(

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                Does anyone know if China Chef reopened anywhere else? I noticed there's one near Governor's Club in Chapel Hill. Is it the same owners???