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New Orleans most underrated restaurants

1)French Market Inn

2) Redfish Grill

3) Pelican Club

4) Guys PoBoys

5) Bombay club

6) R and O's

7) Ye OLde College Inn

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    1. Sara's, Orleans Grapevine Bistro, Ruby Slipper Cafe, Ye Olde College Inn, Iris, Bistro Daisy

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      1. re: ScarlettNola

        I'll see your Sara's and raise you a Jamila's and a Ciro's Cote Sud. these are always on my hit list, along w/Martinique Bistro.

          1. re: edible complex

            Definitely Sara's. I love that lemongrass soup, and the saag paneer is awesome.

            1. re: uptownlibrarian

              I always get the lemongrass crab bisque and the lamb oxford and a saag paneer.
              and only eat in the "living room".

              1. re: edible complex

                I've been once and was underwhelmed. I think I will go back and try what you suggest. I'm a sucker for a crab bisque.

            2. re: edible complex

              +1 on Ciro's, EC. Nothing too exciting. Just classic French done well at reasonable prices.


                1. re: edible complex

                  I agree but, we had the fish special once and it was out of this world. As was the soup du jour that night. Damn, now I am craving Cote Sud.

          2. Iris, Dante's Kitchen and Rio Mar?

            1. If R & O counts then N.O. Food & Spirits (nextdoor) does too. I hear they sell out of the rabbit early every time it's on the menu. I forget which day. I had a few very good good lunches there.

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              1. re: mrsfury

                The white bean and rabbit special is Thursday, and if you aren't there by say 12:30, it might not be left.

              2. One Restaurant and Lounge on Hampson. Just ate there last night for the first time and submitted my report minutes ago. I think Elizabeth's in the Bywater is underrated as well.

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                1. re: NolaNick

                  I LOVE One. Great food, great service, sweet atmosphere. Sitting at the food bar is fun too.

                  1. re: robrob

                    I agree about One. Best crabcakes in town. Delicious fish, steak and gnocchi all under $25. The flourless chocolate cake is soo much better than mine. And mine is pretty good.

                    This thread seems to be about all of my favorite places!

                2. I haven't been to Ye Olde in ages but I was a stalwart there from 1975 thru the 80's and 90's. I'm glad they opened up again but it ain't the same,of course, Not their fault. Is Leindenheimer still doing that special roll for them?

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                  1. re: hazelhurst

                    That is a great question-I love that place!

                    1. re: miss sarah

                      +2 on Dante's. Just because Brigtsen's is across the street shouldn't take away.

                    2. Interesting question. By "underrated," do you mean on a local level, or on a national level? Also, by underrated, who is making this determination, the CH board "members," or the press? If press, then is this local, or national/international?

                      Just curious, as these things can make a big difference.

                      For me, the list is shorter.

                      1.) G W Fins
                      2.) Stella! in many quarters

                      Interesting thread, but maybe some guidelines would help.


                        1. re: bywatertim

                          Mr. Hunt local level and my fellow chowhounders are making the choices

                          1. re: joedontexan

                            Thank you for the clarification. Sounds like some good recs. so far, and I'm taking notes.



                        2. Frostop and Joey K's. Good stuff.

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                          1. re: Lebowski316

                            Are you talking about the Frostop on Claiborne by Felipe's? I've been wanting to try it. Are the burgers and fries better than Cooter Brown's?

                          2. Liuzza's
                            Mandina's on Canal if it is still there

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                            1. re: Al Lunn

                              They did a big remodel after Katrina and are bigger and better than ever!

                              1. re: Al Lunn

                                Which Maspero's? The one on Chartres or the one on Decatur?

                                I haven't been to either in years and wonder if I should bother going back.

                                On ChowHound, from other threads, I'd definitely say Pelican Club. I thought the food, service and atmosphere (and prices, actually) were all really excellent. I've seen a lot of negative comments here, however.

                              2. I know I should find another thread for this - but - what do you think of Li'l Dizzy's Cafe? We ate at Eddie's way back when Eddie was alive - and then again after he died and it wasn't very good the second time. It was the BEST FRIED CHICKEN EVER when we ate there the first time!!! I'm coming back to NOLA for a visit in September.

                                      1. Maple St. Cafe! It smells faintly of old people and the service sucks (unless you get Jesse), but the food is delicious. The best oysters amandine ever.

                                        It doesn't hurt that it's about a mile from my house.