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Jun 14, 2009 11:13 AM

Rib Eye Steak Marinade

Could you suggest a great marinade for grilling rib eye steaks? Should this be done 24 hours in advance? Thank you!

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  1. My favorite a very simple herbed marinade. Nothing much. A good quality steak to me needs nothing more than s/p when grilled. But if you want a marinade this is mine:

    6 teaspoons minced garlic, 1/2 cup mix of red wine and balsamic, 2 tablespoons olive oil; 1 teaspoon dried oregano and 2 tablespoons fresh thyme, some fresh ground pepper and 1 teaspoon dijon mustard

    Garlic, red wine vinegar, olive oil, tarragon, thyme, dijon mustard and grated onion. It is a simple marinade. Just put in a baggie, add the steaks and rub it on. Put in the am and grill that night. 24 hrs to me it doesn't necessarily need if good quality but you can. Nothing wrong with it.

    This is another I found online but I still is good but I prefer just the herbs.
    It has 1 tablespoon each soy, olive oil, dijon, balsamic and worcestershire and 2 teaspoons garlic a little pepper.

    Either one works great but for steak all day marinade is fine but overnight to me is great for a london broil etc.

    I still prefer just good evoo, s/p on the steak before grill and maybe topped with a good herbed butter. Just soften some fresh butter, add a variety of herbs and some garlic roasted is best but not necessary and then chill. When the steak is done add a nice scoop of the herbed butter on top. Nothing better. Add a couple of grilled portabellos stuffed with blue cheese and bread crumbs sliced and served with the steak and a grilled tomato half simple roasted creamy potatoes with fresh dill

    1. Rib-eyes are so tender, I don't see a need to marinate. (Hopefully you have bone-in; if not I believe they're called delmonico) Flank steak I would marinate, to both soften and flavor, but not a rib-eye.

      However, I love this spice rub: salt, cumin and allspice.

      It highlights the beefy taste of the steaks, IMHO.
      I even served it to my "steak rare plain" father and he raved.

      1. I'll echo the opinion of others. A good rib eye doesn't need to be marinated. A simple rub of herbs and spices, allow to sit in the spices until the steak hits room temperature, oil it lightly with peanut oil, throw her on the grill.

        If you really want to make a marinade, then just remember it's oil, acid, herbs & spices. Any balanced combination of things you like that are laying about the house will do it. My preferred oil:acid ratio is 2:1. YMMV. Use your nose and a lick of your pinky as guidance remembering that it isn't really finished until the steak and marinade have been formally introduced.

        I like kchurchill5's selection of ingredients with the exception of any vinegar other than balsamic. This is just a personal thing. I always substitute red wine for red wine vinegar, etc. I do appreciate kchurchill5's bbq style. She has no fear of flavour.

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          I never thought of substituing red wine for red wine vinegar!

          1. re: Googs

            I was going to ask what's wrong with them that they need to be marinated.

            1. re: BeaN

              We're having company and I just wanted everything to be special. I'm getting the steaks at Whole Foods, so I'm sure they will be good.

            2. re: Googs

              Thats ok, I have used red wine many times and equally as good. I usually use the vinegar, but red wine works just fine for me. I usually have a bottle sitting around

              To Daisy M, If you grill you easily take a cast iron to the grill sautee a few mushrooms and a shallot, some fresh herbs in a little butter, then deglaze with a little red wine and just simmer to reduce. This makes an easy simple sauce over the steak. You can add garlic, s/p a must even a little dijon in the sauce. Anything even some beef broth It makes a simple easy sauce which takes the same amount of time to make the steak.

              And googs .. port is another great flavor to marinate in with honey and tarragon. Good flavor. So many choices :)

              1. re: kchurchill5

                Hubby is the saucier. Port is a must in our cabinet. "With honey and tarragon" is now on my, I mean his, to-do list. Thanks!

            3. Don't marinate.

              Just heavily salt the steak about 1 hour before you grill or cook the steak.

              1. Slight change of subject and I know you are grilling rib eyes, but my recipes for marinades and anyone else are great for skirt steaks, flank or even london broil. Skirt steaks are very flavorful and tender when marinaded and then grilled. A simple inexpensive way to make steak with great flavor. Thin sliced, individually or over a mixed green salad a great cheap cut with tons of flavor and tenderness. Also great for fajitas, tacos, hoagies or philli steak cheese type sandwiches, stir fry, stroganoff, anything.

                Great way to have steak more often. It is cheaper than most chicken and fish these days.