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Jun 14, 2009 10:30 AM

Marigolds in Your Veggie Garden

I plant a few Marigold plants in my vegetable garden to deter and discourage garden pests.

Also basil near my tomato plants.

Are there any other flowers/ plants that also serve this purpose.? Something is eating the leaves of my Swiss Chard plants.

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  1. No plant that I know of ... my friend uses Bulls-Eye, approved for organic, but not familiar with it. I use cayenne around the permiter of the beds and sometimes garlic which seems to work. Have you tried to see if there are any bugs, aphids, grubs, check out all possibilities. There are many sprays, depends what you want organic or not. I would take a leaf into a local nursery if not sure, they can probably tell you and then treat properly.

    1. When I had a much larger vegetable garden - in another house - I planted a lot of lavender with the marigolds. An old farmer told me that anything with a strong scent deterred pests.

      After I'd forced narcissus in the house, I planted the bulbs in the vegetable garden but I don't think they discouraged anything. I just liked the way they looked when they bloomed in the spring. Nothing ever touched the walls of hollyhocks either. Did they discourage any pests? I dunno. Lots of marigolds, daisies and nasturtiums, along with the lavender, seemed to do the trick.

      1. Lots of French Marigolds at least 3 at the end of each row, nastursums too, I also intersperse garlic & onions, where appropriate. check out MOFCA for more info

        1. jfood has marigolds and hot pepper plants but his best deterrent is the following.

          Around the edges he placed the bamboo stakes and halfway up the stakes he put the following.

          1 - he took some old socks and cut then into strips
          2 - he tied the strips at different heights
          3 - he sprays the Deer Off on the tied sock strips.

          No deer off on the plants and the absorbing factor seems to keep the stuff longer.

          1. Irish Mist soap hung from poles around the perimeter of our garden has proven effective in keeping deer away.