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Jun 14, 2009 09:33 AM

Tomato / Seafood Festival

Thinking about heading down there in a few hours. What are the best dishes? Anything you don't recommend?

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  1. I had some sort of seasoned pasta dish last year that I don't recommend, but I can't tell you who the vendor was. I'm heading out there myself. Going to see Sunpie Barnes to hear some excellent zydeco - oh and have many snowballs in this heat.

    1. crab balls and fish tacos!

      1. lordy it was HOT...too many ppl crowding the way...walked thru and right home

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        1. re: chef4hire

          I'm with you. It was too hot to even drink. I bought a limeade and some fried green tomatoes--they were good but it was so hot I could barely finish them. Spent an hour there, tops. Great music--Lost Bayou Ramblers--but what miserable heat!

          1. re: chef4hire

            too many people and too many chairs blocking the walkways!

            1. re: mimadeli

              It was certainly too hot and the tomato section was horribly crowded. We were jostled and shoved and waited in long lines in the heat. It was not a pleasant experience. The seafood part in the French Market was better but we hit that second and by that point we just got snowballs and left because it was just too uncomfortable. The basil and tomato crepe from crepes ala cart and the shrimp stuffed roasted tomato over jasmine rice from a vietnamese place were good, but would have been better with space and comfort. Also the chef demonstrations were held on much too small a stage, it was impossible to see or hear, Chef Andrea was sweating into his food!

              1. re: pinkbayou

                Wow--there's a disturbing image. I kept thinking there must be a separate seafood section--I didn't even make it down there because I was so worn about the heat. Nothing to do about the weather, I guess, but next year, organizers would be wise to put things in shade or somewhere that air can circulate--not in Dutch Alley.

                That said, the fried green tomatoes were good, although there was no remoulade.

          2. i did *not* enjoy the "shrimp remoulade stuffed tomato", $6, by Bywater BBQ. mine had barely a dollop of shrimp and the tomatoes had that mealy texture from refrigeration.

            friends enjoyed the basil crepe.

            1. We went to this festival combo this year and last year. The zydeco and seafood fests were soooo much better when they were on the grounds of the US Mint. Hanging out in the grass, under the trees was much preferable to standing on the hot cement. Also, last year at the mint they had lots of tables where you could stand and eat your seafood dishes. This time we had to retreat across the street and find a newspaper box or something to put our food on.

              Still, on these short trips we never have time to travel up to Dunbar's and getting a taste of their cooking at the festival is still worth it. The environment didn't allow us to eat as much festival food as we did last year but Dunbar's catfish over shrimp rice was great, as were the tomato crepe and shrimp/tomato we had. We had one other dish and I'm kicking myself for forgetting what it was.

              On a sidenote, does anyone remember who made the absinthe shrimp at the 2008 festival? We wanted to try to find out and go there for a full meal this year but we never got around to it and it didn't look like they were back this year.