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Jun 14, 2009 09:31 AM

What happened to my posts?


I'm not sure if this is the proper place to ask this,but this has now hapened to me twice in last couple of weeks. I replied to a post, said nothing off color, nasty or anything like that, just acutally commented on how much I love a particular restaurant and my comment, one that followed me and another by me were gone the next time I went in. What could have happened?

  1. We do our best to keep our boards geographically focused so they will be useful to hounds in a particular area. For example, as it says at the top of our Tristate Board, that board is for discussing "Tips for Dining, Eating, and Food Shopping in Northern NJ, Long Island, Southeastern CT, and NY Counties North of NYC". We understand that if you live in one area but travel to, work in, or dine in another, it's natural to forget which board you are posting to, or to want to discuss all of your restaurant experiences on one board. However, we ask people to resist that temptation, and help us keep our boards as useful and relevant as possible by keeping the discussion focused on that area.

    If you've got a tip you really want to share about chow that's outside of the scope covered by a particular board, we ask that you post about it on the correct board, and then post a "heads up" on the other board, pointing to the URL of the post on the correct board.

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