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Jun 14, 2009 09:29 AM

ISO: Tillamook sharp cheddar

I can't seem to find Tillamook sharp or extra sharp cheddar in the stores anymore. Do any local hounds know where I can find it in Solano or East Contra Costa?

(I hope I'm not violating the rules by asking an ingredient question. Is there a better board for this type of question?)

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  1. Should find it at Costco, the exsharp is the black wrapped one. Our Costco here in Oregon as well as the one I shop at in Scottsdale has it.

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    1. re: duck833

      I have found it regularly at the Fairfield Costco too. And just tried the wonderful imported Kerrigold cheddar there last time - really tasty

    2. Costco carries Tillamook in some stores, Cabot in others. Extra sharp usually black wrap. They sometimes have white and/or yellow cheddar.

      1. Last I checked (a couple of weeks ago), you could still get the sharp at the Lucky stores in Pinole and El Cerrito Plaza. Not sure about the extra sharp.

        1. I am pretty sure Safeway carries this. I know they did just a few months ago. Richmond Costco carries it also.

          1. This week's Lucky flier shows 16 oz. blocks for $3.99.