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Jun 14, 2009 09:09 AM

Indianapolis for Dinner

Hey Hounds.

We'll be in Indy for dinner later this month. I've been doing some homework but have questions.

First of all, I get the feeling that a local specialty is the breaded pork tenderloin sandwich. If so, we'll probably have to go for this. We like trying the local specialty. Where would be the best place??

Also, we're big fans of the types of places Guy goes to on DD&D. So I've been looking at Working Man's Friend and Mug n Bun. Is one better than the other?? Can we get the PTS at one or the other?? Is the neighbourhood where WMF is located as bad as advertised??



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  1. I think that the Mug n' Bun is awful Its been there forever so that makes it special, but my son and were just saying the other day how if Guy came to Indy, there is no where to go to have really good food! Its a darn shame that the best food here in town is in chain establishments. My husband and I drove around on the westside of town (eeck!) one afternoon, looking for "The Working Man's Friend" for their "famous" burgers. My burgers were that good... I wish I could tell you something but..... (shrug)...I just dont know.
    Everywhere you go will have a Tenderloin on the menu. I had an excellent HUGE Tenderloin at Harry C's on the Southside the other night that was good. Most of them are... Dog N' Suds at Greenwood on Saturday nights has a car show and pretty good tenderloin, onion rings and root beer in a frosted mug... thats how you gotta eat em!


    1. Not a big fan of Mug N Bun, but people seem to like it. I would agree with softie, we are missing a good place for Triple D. WMF is good and I don't think that the neighborhood is unsafe really, but I tend not to be afraid of those things.

      If you are looking for a tenderloin, check out Rick's blog on the subject.

      I thought that most tenderloins are created equal, but look at the pics and there are some bad ones out there.

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        That's a great blog!

        The only other place I would recommend for a tenderloin is the Friendly Tavern in Zionsville. As someone who wouldn't even eat one after leaving the family home (can you say Pete's Pride?), Mr CF ordered one at the FT and I had a bite. It was pretty damn good.

        Mug N Bun - rootbeer only - homemade and oh-so-good, but the food isn't anything to get excited about. Well, on second thought, the onion rings are pretty good.

      2. Working Man's Friend for burgers and onion rings. It's in an unassuming, blue collar area but that also makes it somewhat interesting. Mug & Bun's food is just standard deep fried everything, sort of State Fair meets diner...not that great just filling. But the root beer is housemade, so just go for a float. There are a lot of tenderloins out there but not sure which ones are tops. If you want an out of town adventure where tailgating is involved I would rec. Bonges Tavern in Perkinsville, northeast of Indy. The atmosphere is great, the food is not great but good---especially if you're big eaters. Anyway, the place is an old restored tavern off the beaten path. I would say a 40 minute drive from downtown Indy. The perkinsville Pork is pounded out, breaded and fried Milanese style. Pretty decadent as a whole entree so I like to get it as a starter where it is simply served by itself with fresh lemon. If you like to drink, take a cooler and plan to tailgate if going on Friday or Sat night. It's part of the whole experience! Good luck.

        1. John's Famous Stew near the corner of Morris and Kentucky serves a pretty good breaded pork tenderloin. They also have a variation on it called the "tenderloin supreme" where the BPT is served on a large plate smothered in their signature stew.

          1. We'll be staying at the Drury Inn on N. Michigan Rd.


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              Davwud -
              You'll be just south of Zionsville, and the Friendly Tavern,...
              Not too far from Carmel (I just re-read the blog link above, picking some tenderloins that looked good to me) and Dooley O'Toole's and Woody's Library...

              I hope you let us know how things go!