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Jun 14, 2009 08:25 AM

Perfume/cologne in restaurants?

There used to be separate sections for smoking and non smoking tables in restaurants - a thing of the past now. But what about the people who like their 'scent' to cover a 3 yard radius?
We were in our favorite french restaurant for our anniversary dinner, everything was perfect for the first 2 courses then a couple was seated next to us and one of them had an overwhelming perfume smell - I was disgusted and could literally taste the nasty smell. My husband spoke with our waiter and even though they were very full and busy they moved us immediately. Anyone else had this happen? How can people be so clueless and inconsiderate?!
Disclaimer: I do hate all perfumes and colognes - what is being covered up?

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  1. Personally I have a very low threshold for cologne and perfume. I find it more intrusive to fine dining than loud children. All in all people should think past themselves when going to public areas. Although some may find it appealing. My wife likes the smell of cigars, I on the other hand find them repulsive......

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      We don't eat out much but it can make me sick when there's someone super-scented in a closed training room or conference, on a bus, etc.

    2. Sometimes people have impaired sense of smell- particularly happens with age. Not an excuse though. I give myself one shot, once a day when I get dressed and nobody has ever told me my perfume is too strong (my father\mother are allergic and would certainly say something to me).

      It is, however funny how cigarette smoke masked a bunch of odors that were always around- in bars I notice BO more readily and I have also pick up the scent of "dogs" on people which is disgusting.

      1. I love a good cigar in a cigar bar but some don't always smoke good ones, I usually just move. A restaurant not always easy, but yes some over do to the point of being unbearable. I usually see if I can be moved if it is that bad but sometimes not possible. In those cases I just grin and bear it. I don't like it but realize they have every right to be there as I do. Once my ex put on too much and I had him wipe some off. He couldn't figure out why, I explained when it is on you ... you can't always smell how strong but others can. He was very willing and understood. I think some people when a couple the spouse or significant other may not say anything and doesn't want to hurt their feelings but I would not hesitate to mention it (very tactfully) But it is a hard thing to handle, but many times I just sit finish dinner and just deal with it.

        And I am sure those who are sensitive to smell have a hard time. A friend that was a co worker was extremely sensitive to all smells and going out for lunch now and then was very hard. Luckily in FL out door eating is pretty much year round. But I'm sure in a crowded city it is probably very difficult. We have more problems with different scents of suntan lotion (cocoanut vs banana vs tropical scent, lol) than perfume or cologne.

        1. Those heavily rose scented odors kill me, it's like you entered a funeral home. Also that gross smelling anti-persperient some use, gag me!

          1. I love a bit of scent on myself, but a restaurant is NOT the place for it. However, I honestly can see non-foodies, those who eat to live, having to be told that their strongly scented whatever impacts the pleasure of dining for other people.

            I'd have asked to move myself.